Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, News & Events Part 3 (Aug 2007 - Dec 17)

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Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, News & Events Part 3 (Aug 2007 - Dec 17)


Welcome to the 3rd thread for Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of Netherlands' News & Events.

The previous thread can be found here.
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Wonderful. I have missed the whole match Netherlands-Bulgaria (2-0).
How was the reaction of the public (I assume not very interested in illiteracy but in soccer....) on the princely initiatve?


Sorry,I missed the match as well...:rolleyes:
Story magazine is carrying a poll on its website, asking the visitors give their opinion about a fourth pregnancy of Princess Laurentien ("Laurentien zwanger van haar vierde kindje!")


Did I miss something here? Is she really pregnant?
What would people think of fourth pregnancy. Should she or shouldnt she.
I would say she should. If she is fit and healthy enough then why not. Is the article's poll just for fun or do people reaally think she is pregnant again? Claus-Casimir needs some male support lol
There were two options:

1) No I can´t believe it, it is too soon
2) Of course, it always goes so quickly with the Oranjes

Obviously complete nonsense but entertaining I presume. Most people voted the second option btw.

In the mean time Laurentien was interviewd by Peter van der Vorst for RTL boulevard about illiteracy again. She suggested that it might be an idea to get a storyline about an illiterate in a soap series to get more attention for the subject and more understanding too. She said all that with her usual terribly affected accent. She also said, when asked, that her own children were progressing well at school, where they returned to just last week (as Belgian schools start on Spetember 1st).
I like her look at the soccer match and i love her dress! :flowers: Her body, like Letizia, bounces back into topmodel shape very easy.
About possible pregnancy:
- Laurentien is 41 so she can still have a baby like for example Sophie of Wessex or Alexandra of Hannover.
And Leonore (*3.06.2006) is 15 months now so next sister or brother when she will be around two... like it was with Eloise (*8.06.2002) and Claus-Casimir (*21.03.2004).
- Or maybe she doesn't loose weight after Leonore.

Btw. children of Willem-Alexander - Catharina-Amalia (*7.12.2003), Alexia (*26.06.2005), Ariane (*10.04.2007) and Constantin were born almost two years by each other.
Last night HRH Prince Constantijn attended the premiere of the theaterplay "3Zusters" at the Stadsschouwburg,Amsterdam.

It was the first Cum-Laude performance by the new theater department StageMasters of mr.Joop v/d Ende Theater Productions,
an initiative aiming at supporting young actors and giving them a forum to show their talent.

Courtesy HJA's Royalblog.
what is she wearing, she looks like a cross between princess julinia and a dinnerlady
I ask the same... what is she wearing?
Honestly I am looking at this pic and I don't know if I should laugh... or cry! This black dress (or is it a coat?!) is awful. The same about the structured pants. Her radiant smile and commitment to this good cause saved the day.
Pic 9.10.2007

Laurentin arriving at a film premiere in Den Haag this evening:

---> Pic
HRH Prince Constantijn celebrates his 38th birthday today.:flowers:
Princess Laurentien attended the anthology "Wonder and Violence" at the Molucca Historic Museum in Utrecht.

PPE Agency
There is something about this Princess I like and though sometimes she looks odd she always seems as if she is enjoying what is goimg on around her.
More pictures from todays event from ANP & ill have to agree with who said she looks nice today. Its nice she wore a colored oytfit in winter also, she looks very relaxed, calm today.

pic 1 -- pic 2 -- pic 3 -- pic 4 -- pic 5
As posted on the Benelux Royals MB by Joris:

Today Prince Constantijn had one of his rare public "performances". Delivering a speech at the conference 'Equal Opportunities for All, Citizenship and Human Capital in a Diverse Europe'.
Could have been interesting to many, but only very people showed up (a couple of hundreds instead of 2,000). He even joked about the many gaps in the auditorium.
Says enough about his Brussels job, i.e. improving the communication about "Europe".

Usually a royal attracts a bigger audience not so in his case (Princess Laurentien is much, much better known in the netherlands.)
As posted on the Benelux Royals MB by Joris:

That fewer then expected showed up has nothing,absolutely nothing,to do with wether or not Constantijn is not as well known as Laurentien,so that is nonsense on Joris part.The reason is we have to deal with an at times very sloppy lot of administators on a municipal,and/or higher,level,that convene and leave as they wish,while still cashing in.

Speech by HRH:
Het Koninklijk Huis
And maybe also because Europe isn´t exactly a very popular topic these days, at least...not the positive side of the European Union.
i always love to see her with the children. She enjoys being with them. i always like to see her at make a difference day too. This year she just went in the sand with the kids with her beautiful dress. I like her tipical Belt-on-jacket. To bad there are no pictures of it.
She improves physically every day. Very likeable princess in my opinion
PPE Agency
Princess Laurentien attended the celebration of 75 year ''Onze Taal'' of the organization Genootschap Onze Taal at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Red suit's her, Laurentien looked nice, but overall dissapointing. those stocking with the red dress and the shoes get lost with the stockings.
The princess started the speech with a joke, and wondered if she should greet everybody with ´goedemoggel´, as that word is a hype after a commercial of KPN. The commercial shows a company where all employess make spelling mistakes as in sms textmessages, so instead of ´goedemorgen´ they greet each other with ´Goedemoggel´ for example. I believe there are now 4 songs made with the title ´goedemoggel´.
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