Possible names, godparents and duchy of their second child

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Jun 23, 2006
I guess:

Names and duchy:

HKH Prins Fredrik Oscar August Daniel, Hertig av Dalsland
HKH Prinsessan Isabella Silvia Marie Madeleine, Hertiginna av Dalsland


HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Sara Hellqvist
Oscar Kylborg
Frida Westerberg
Patrick Sommerlath
I really hope for a girl this time, so I don't really have an idea for boy's names.

Name: Lilly Renate Marie.
Lilly is quite a modern name and it suits to Alexander. It is also Sofia's grandmother's name. Renate after Queen Silvia as it's her second name. Marie after Sofia's mother. It would also suit to little princess' cousin's name (Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary and Leonore Lilian Maria).

Duchy: Dalarna or Vasterbotten, but they'll probably surprise me with this one as always.

Godparents: Princess Madeleine, Sara Hellqvist and some other people. Those two will be for 100%.
I dont ever get the feeling of any warmth from Madeleine towards Sofia, so I am not sure I would assume she will be a godparent.
My predictions (or rather wishes):

Elias Edmund Kristian Magnus
Elias for "own" distinctive calling name, Edmund from Carl Philip's names, Kristian derived from Sofia's second name, Magnus from the old Swedish king names.
Alternatives for the calling name: Oliver, Lucas and Theodor.

Linnéa Marie Renate Ulrika
Linnéa for "own" distinctive calling name, Marie after maternal grandmother, Renate after paternal grandmother, Ulrika from the old Swedish queen names.
Also like the names Emilia, Alva and Astrid for calling names, would go well with Alexander.

Princess Madeleine, Prince Daniel and Sara Hellqvist

Dutchy: No idea, hopefully one of the provinces that has never had a duke or dutchess. I think I go with Norrbotten.
For girl i say Lilian.

For boy Antony.

And for Godparents sure wiil be The Princess Madeleine and Sara Hellqvist.
My guess is -

If a boy - HRH Prince-(first name will be a surprise like Alexander was, followed by) Folke Oscar Edmund.

If a girl - HRH Princess Silvia-Marie Kristina.

Godparents: HRH Princess Madeleine, Sara Hellqvist, and others.
My guesses for girls:

Louise Marie Silvia Alice
Isabella Marie Renate Kristina
Alice Marie Silvia Victoria
Desiree Marie Silvia Margaret
Ingrid Marie Louise Victoria
Josephine Marie Louise Desiree
Desiree Josephine Marie Therese
Ingrid Marie Alice Josephine


I hope it's a boy for reasons the mods would prefer I not bring up. But for a girl I would bet on Lillian and Kristina in the name. I would be surprised if they used Oscar as many have speculated. That would be a bit much.
I think it is because Sofia's father is Erik Oscar Hellqvist
The girls are beginning to get a little outnumbered in the SRF so it would be nice if Carl Philip and Sofia would have a little princess as then there'd be three of each gender. As for names, here goes:

Lovisa Ingrid Marie
Ebba Sibylla Caroline
Linnea Alva Victoria
Elise Silvia Freja
Margaretha Isabelle Saga


Edmund Carl Bertil
Louis Frederick Walther
Arthur Gustaf Hugo
Elias Leopold Joachim
Leo Viktor Carl

As for duchies; I'm not so sure, but I'd like to see a duchy revived.
In regards to godparents I have a feeling that a sibling, friend and other relative/royal might be on the list.
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My wishes/guesses are:

for a boy - Prince Gustav Fredrik Edmund Magnus,Duke of Närke or Dalarna

for a girl - Princess Lillian Renate Sibylla Marie, Duchess of Närke or Dalarna

Godparents - Sara, Madeleine and either a royal or close mutual friend of the couple.
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She will NEVER agree to Emma. No way.

Why do you think so? Is there any supported evidence you can back this up with? I've never heard of any dislike Sofia has for Emma.

I'm guessing you are referring to my post as I suggested Emma and you posted immediately after me, but if you were then your capitals seemed a lot like shouting which I'm not a fan of. A more calmer tone would have been appreciated.
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My guesses:

For a girl: Alice Kristina Marie (Alice was name of Silvia's mother, Kristina is Sofia's second name, Marie - Marie Hellqvist).

For a boy: Folke Edmund Sigvard (Folke - Folke Bernadotte, Edmund - one of Carl Philip's names, Sigvard - Prince Sigvard).

Provinces: Norrbotten or Närke or Härjedalen.

Godparents: Princess Madeleine, Sara Hellqvist and friends of couple.
A girl - Carolina Silvia Victoria Marie
A boy - Johan Victor Daniel Edvard
Duchy - Dalarna
Godparents: Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Sara Hellqvist, Oscar Magnusson, Patrick Sommerlath, some friend.
Hereditary Princess, Emma Pernault, CP's girlfriend of 10 years when Sofia started up with him? Who S insisted not be invited to M's wedding though Emma and M were close friends? Any of this sound familiar? There's my supported evidence. Not shouting, but just No way.
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Hereditary Princess, Emma Pernault, CP's girlfriend of 10 years when Sofia started up with him? Who S insisted not be invited to M's wedding though Emma and M were close friends? Any of this sound familiar? There's my supported evidence. Not shouting, but just No way.

I think the way CP has talked about Emma since his engagement is more evidence for why CP would probably not name his daughter Emma.

I hadn't heard that Sofia demanded Emma not be invited to Madeleine's wedding, only that allegedly CP was furious when Madeleine had asked Emma to be a bridesmaid and "left" Sofia out of her bridal party. But who knows if that's true.

Edit: Gotta learn to read one of these days. ;)
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Well I cannot imagine any scenario that they would name a daughter Emma. To be very honest, it takes a lot of nerve IMO for CP or Sofia to dictate to his sister, the bride in the story, that she should not have a friend of a decade in her wedding regardless of his or her opinions. This may well be deleted, but there is my line of reasoning.
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Whether the wedding story is true or not matters little. Even if Sofia has nothing against Emma, they don't use Emma. Naming your child after your ex. Even if a civil break up? Unless there is an Emma in Sofia's family to honor. Can you imagine Prince Harry naming a daughter Cressida. Or William giving a daughter Jessica. If any Swedish royal baby has Emma, I'd see a future daughter of Madeleine. Her and Emma remain close.

I don't see Oscar as a middle. They already honored her dad using Erik.

I see a more obscure name like Alex, Estelle and Leonor, honoring the family but not as obvious. A girl will have both grandmas IMO. Since Victoria used Silvia, I could see Renate. They all used different names of their dad to honor him.


Princess Ingrid Renate sibylla Britt (honore both grandmas, and paternal grandmas of both parents)

Princess Lilian Renate Marie Alice

Princess Alice Silvia Britt Lilian (Britt is also Sofia's maternal grandmother)

Princess Eugenie Renate Marie Ingrid


Prince Eugene Georg Martin Edmund

Prince Johann Frederik Stig Daniel

Prince Johann Daniel Sigvard Martin

God parents: Sara and Madeleine are pretty much a given.

Alexander had no royals other than Victoria so I don't see his sibling having any.

Other possible:
Prince Daniel (daniel as a name was more for Sofias family)
Patrick sommerlath as Cp is godfather to his twins who were in the wedding
William Varnild
Oskar Kylberg
Female friend or family of Sofia
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Reins me what s's father is called?

Sofia's fathet? Erik Oscar. Alexander has Erik as a middle name in honor.

Names from her family
Erik Oscar dad
Marie Britt mom
Britt maternal grandmother
Janne Herbert maternal grandfather
Stig paternal grandfather
Ingrid paternal grandmother

Others from her family in wedding guest list
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I don't think i ever guessed anything right in a thread like this, but i'm going with "Carl" in the names if it's a boy and "Marie" in the names if it's a girl

P.Madeleine as a godparent seems a "sure thing", to finish the tradition set with the other 5 grandchildren of K.C-G and Q.Silvia (definitely no other royals as godparents)
It's too early to call but I will try to randomly make some guesses:

Boy: (as I think it will be another boy) Thomas Folke Oscar Edmund
Girl: Astrid Marie Renate Lilian

Godparents: Princess Madeleine, Sara Hellqvist, another Bernadotte cousin or a Sommerlath one, Oscar Kylberg and the ex colleague of Sofia from PP.

Duchy: Dalarna, of course.
Hereditary Princess, Emma Pernault, CP's girlfriend of 10 years when Sofia started up with him? Who S insisted not be invited to M's wedding though Emma and M were close friends? Any of this sound familiar? There's my supported evidence. Not shouting, but just No way.

Erm, well, to be fair; I did post late at night and was most likely too sleepy to remember Emma Pernault. I also got the non-royal/family names from a Swedish popular names database to get an idea of names used in Sweden, and as, like I said, I was too tired; I didn't double check the connotations Emma would have for the couple.
I'm thinking it could be a girl and I do like Princess Sibylla in honour of the kings mother,I also like Princess Louise.

But as with the recent Swedish royal baby names we can never guess correctly!
Agreed, with one exception, Oscar. i would think a few of us likely suggested Oscar.
Agreed, with one exception, Oscar. i would think a few of us likely suggested Oscar.

Yes that is indeed true,I wonder if there is a Swedish version of the name Charlotte a double nod/ honour for the father and grandfather?
According to baby name sites the Swedish would be Charlotta


But Caroline is considered a variation of Charles/Carl as well

The wife of Charles VIII was Charlotte. It was her third given name but the one she used as quern. I believe her nickname was Lotta.

Princess Charlotta Renate Marie Lilian

Princess Carolina Silvia Britt Sibylla
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Are there any names that would be "claimed" for possible future use by CP Victoria? Does that happen?
Considering Victoria is 40 this year. And there is a huge gap between Estelle and Oscar, it is highly unlikely she will have a third child.

The only place I have heard a name being reserved, other than Christian/ferederik for a first name reserved for heir in Denmark, is supposedly Victoria in the UK.
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