Pictures of Princess Victoria as a Child and Teenager

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Aw, that's gorgeous! Thanks for posting Ortiz.
Thanks for the pictures.I like the one with Vcitoria and a young Haakon.
thanks!!! that is a very precious gallery^^
i was thinking, some times in Victoria's childhood she had light hair, Daniel had blonde hair on his youth, so maybe the baby will have ligh hair or even blonde! but i dont mind if it ends up bein a brunette.
Princess Victoria was such a cute little girl, I didn't realize how light her hair was as a youngster!
Victoria is an almost carbon copy of her mother, Queen Silvia. Thank you for all the links. The Swedish Royal Family children were very cute when little.
I've always thought of Madeleine looking more like her mother (with father's colours) and Victoria is pretty much a combination, she has features from both but looks herself. But Queen Silvia truly looks like her mother.
:previous: I've never seen those pics before! She was adorable!
Not photos but, here are adorable gifs of Victoria's first christmas!

Gif Gif2 Gif3 Gif4

So cute!

Nice photos:

1 2 3 4 5

She has such adorable eyes!
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Nice photos:

1 2 3 4 5

She has such adorable eyes!

Check out Pic 2 and 3. Its the same little blue dress that Estelle recently wore.

I love to see the royal ladies recycling and this made my day
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:previous:That's a very nice photo. Victoria was an adorable child; cuteness runs in the family. :p

I enjoyed looking at the photos on the previous pages as well, I thought the gifs of Victoria's first Christmas were very cute. My favourite one is the last one where she looks like she's licking the present.

This probably belongs in the family resemblances thread, but I think that Victoria resembles her father a lot in her first birthday photos. But I think Victoria resembles her mother the most.
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