Pictures of Princess Victoria as a Child and Teenager

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Nov 8, 2002
from date November 7, 2002

In her book Victoria, Victoria she tell about the a Episode.
At Norway State visit to Sweden was Victoria as a 14-year-old girl a part of a state visit for the first time.
When the dessert came after the dinner she accidentally dropped her ice cream on King Haralds shirt. The king was quick to repair the damage and Victoria who did not want to forsake her dessert had an other go at the ice cream and King Harald took is napkin and put it in front of is face.

Victoria sølte dessert på kong Harald

Kongemiddagen gikk bra helt til desserten kom på bordet. Kronprinsesse Victoria satte gaffelen hardt i marengsen, som fløy gjennom luften og griset til kong Haralds hvite skjorte.

Den svenske kronprinsessen forteller om episoden i den rykende ferske boken «Victoria, Victoria», som lanseres i Sverige i dag.
Victoria var 14 år gammel da hun deltok i sitt første statsbesøk da det norske kongeparet gjestet Sverige. Middagen ble holdt på Operaterrassen, og kronprinsessen forteller at hun var svært nervøs. Likevel gikk det bra, helt til desserten kom på bordet.

Desserten var en issorbet, formet som en liten svane med marengsvinger, på en sjø av bringebærsaus. Men marengs som har smeltet litt i ovnen har en tendens til å bli veldig hard og klistre seg fast i fatet, og det hadde ikke kronprinsessen tenkt over.

Det tenkte ikke jeg på, men satte gaffelen hardt i vingen for å få tak i den, og «sponk!». Vingen fløy opp og satte seg som en brosje på kong Haralds skjorte, med litt bringebærsaus rennende fra den, forteller Victoria leende til forfatter Alice Bah.

Det var flaks at det var akkurat ham, han er verdens beste, han smilte samtidig som han diskret plukket den bort, forteller kronprinsessen.

Men da jeg, som ikke ville gi opp på grunn av det lille uhellet, satte gaffelen i den andre vingen, var kong Harald rask til å holde en serviett foran ansiktet!
Pictures of Princess Victoria as a Child

Here is the place to post your favorite pictures of Victoria as a child, and help to find a special picture
Have fun

Victoria at the Swedish national day on her little chair.

Victoria with flowers

Victoria in the snow


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Victoria and daddy...

picture from this years exhibition at Solliden


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Victoria looks quit different here, I dont really like that necklace.


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oh, thats an really old picture =) One of her first "official" ones.. I like it, but imo, she looks almost to mature for her age, 17, in the picture
1995 in Denmark.

1994 in Spain.

1993 in Norway with Willem Alexander.


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I just found this picture of Victoria on my computer.. I love it! she looks so happy =)


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old picture



big Vic'

big Vic'



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IBL Bildbyrå

Öland 1980

Drottning Silvia och kronprinsessan Victoria 1978


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Pictures of Victoria in her teens

1. Has anybody seen better photos of these two dresses and can you post them?

2. You can't do 2 in the same message? Or this one?


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Victoria looks cute in the second pic.

Who are the men in each pic ?
that are cp Haakon in the second and prince Henrik in the first one.
Dennism  Posted: Nov 2nd, 2003 - 1:53 pm

Or this one?

1. Is this what you were meaning ?

2. or this ?


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I thought I posted them somewhere else. Anyway, I meant a full-length one for the blue dress and I've seen a closer one of the other dress but it was still too far away.
I moved your posts to the picture thread becouse you asked about pictures and the picture thread is where to ask about them
I have not seen any other pictures from the same event.,
Maybe ritva at as other pictures from the same event....
what yeras could it be from?
The picture of Victoria and prince Henrik = 1997
Victoria and Haakon = 1993

btw, I think there are more pictures from those events at
June 23, 1997

where does this dress come from sweden? from what county?



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The picture from 1997 was taken at the regatta bal in Sandhamn in July...

and the one from 1993...hmm, Im not sure, but I think it was at the gala diner during King Harald and Queen Sonjas silver anniversary celebrations
Originally posted by Josefine@Nov 2nd, 2003 - 3:34 pm

where does this dress come from sweden? from what county?

I think it´s from the country/province Västergötland.
August 28, 1993

I found one of the pictures


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Josefine  Posted: Nov 3rd, 2003 - 6:35 am

August 28, 1993

I found one of the pictures

WA has the look of "caught with his hand in the cookie jar" ??? :innocent:
(or did he have a small "crush" on some unnamed lady ?????)
I know I would be smiling from ear to ear if I were in his position.
Me too.

But WA sort of has that embarrassed look about him .... ?
Did anybody else notice that WA looks very chubby in that picture w/ CP Victoria? I almost didn't recognize him, his checks are so chubby
the princess  Posted: Nov 4th, 2003 - 8:41 pm

Did anybody else notice that WA looks very chubby in that picture w/ CP Victoria? I almost didn't recognize him, his checks are so chubby

I think its more a case of him smiling and that is causing his cheeks to proejct outwards. And then he has his head down. But, yes ... a certain similarity to chipmunk cheeks. :)
Hasn´t he such an chronic illness ( I think it has something to do with glands, but I don´t remember really), which was treated with cortisone?!
Isn´t that cuuuuuutttteeee?


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aww thats such a cute picture of Victoria and her teddy!
I found a nice picture of Victoria, and i didn´t know if its already posted :)

Also Victoria seems to be interested in motorized vehicles, like her brother and her father :D
I think you can see Carl Philip in the background, but i´m not sure.
If someone know it better, please let me know!
And sorry about shoving this picture between your current discussion.


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