Photos of then Prince and Crown Prince Carl Gustaf

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It's nice to see that connection between Christina and Carl Gustaf from a very young age. Of course they are closest in age, so while people talk about the Haga princesses, I wouldn't be surprised if Christina was always closer to her younger brother than her older sisters.

Age at CG's birth:
Margaretha: 11 1/2 yrs
Birgitta: 9 1/4 yrs
Désirée: 8 yrs
Christina: 2 3/4 yrs
I had never realized that the age gap between Desirée and Christina was that big.
At his military serviceÄlvsnabben-HMK-Foto-TT-bildarkiv21000x750.jpgärnplikt.jpg

The court tells at the King's biography
In summer 1966, The Crown Prince embarked on his military training, which began in the Royal Navy. This included taking part in a round-the-world sailing on board HMS Älvsnabben. After his naval training, The Crown Prince also had the opportunity to train with the Army and the Air Force. Following his studies at Karlberg, The Crown Prince had achieved the rank of Second Lieutenant in the three-armed forces. The Crown Prince subsequently completed the Swedish Defence University's management course.
HM looked such a fragile child at the time.
1958, footage of King Carl Gustaf at age 12, with his Grandfather.
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