Photos of then Prince and Crown Prince Carl Gustaf

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Nov 8, 2002
i have found a few photos of young Crown prince carl gustaf i will start to post them and then move the photos i can find in other threads from he was young to this one


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i think this is prince carl Gustaf with his grand father


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then crown prince carl gustaf


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more from corbis


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and more from corbis


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Alexandra over at the GREMB scanned and posted some pictures of the King through the years, but considering I'm not registered over there (yet) I wanted to ask here whether someone knows at what occasion these 2 pictures were taken. The first one is from 1958 and the second one is from 1962.

Re the 1st pic: I see the then crown prince, his 4 sisters, his mother Sibylla, his uncle Bertil, his grandfather Gustav VI Adolf and Queen Louise with the ladies except the youngest pricess all wearing their court dresses. Does someone know who is the old man on the right side?

Re the 2nd pic: Louise wears the 9- pronge- tiara, Sibylla the Connaught tiara, the princess in the middle one of the Button tiara. Were the other 2 tiaras personal gifts for the princesses? And where was the 4th princess?

Thanks :)

Edit: Just wanted to add that she scanned and posted around 180-200 pictures of the king over the years. Most are pre-kingship.
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Some photos of Crown prince Carl Gustaf and his ladies,
I spy Silvia Sommerlath :)

all photos by Aftonbladet
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He was a very cute little boy! My favorite is the one of him in the military uniform. He had very large eyes. What color were they?
Thanks for the pictures. I wonder if there are any pictures of Carl Gustaf with his father who died when he was so young.
ysbel said:
Thanks for the pictures. I wonder if there are any pictures of Carl Gustaf with his father who died when he was so young.
This is my only one. The picture also shows his grandfather the crown prince, the future king Gustav VI Adolf, and his great grandfather, king Gustav V.

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Thanks Furienna,

I know he was quite young - still a baby when his father died so I wasn't sure of there were any pictures at all of the two of them together.
I think they have to be few. He wasn't even one year old, was he?
Thanks for posting that four generation picture Furienna, I am fond of these kind of pictures, and this one is rather famous. And luckily they didn't stick small Carl in a uniform yet ;)
It is last photo on four generations kings! After King Gustaf Adolf death 1947 and his father,grand-father farewell on his funeral. Princess Sibylla was widow after late king Gustaf Adolf. Princess Sibylla was widow 24 years!
Actually, since Gustav Adolf Edmund (Carl Gustaf's father) didn't even become crown prince, since his grandfather survived him, this can't be called four generations of kings. It can only be called "four generations of royals" or "four generations of Bernadottes". (posted on page 1 in this thread)

does that picture belong to the swedish royals and to young king carl xvi gustaf? if yes, could you help me with the names please, and do i see princess martha with princes ragnhild, astrid & harald or am i totally messed up? (it happens often).

i have also found these pictures while i was doing some googling on ( of young king carl xvi gustaf, but please remember that the pictures are for personal non-commercial use only.

LIFE: Prince Carl Gustaf XVI wearing snowsuit ... - Hosted by Google

LIFE: Prince Carl Gustaf XVI sitting on sled, ... - Hosted by Google

LIFE: Prince Carl Gustaf XVI wearing snowsuit ... - Hosted by Google

LIFE: Prince Carl Gustaf XVI wearing snowsuit ... - Hosted by Google

LIFE: Prince Carl Gustaf XVI (R) wearing snows... - Hosted by Google
What a cute baby!!
I didn't know he was so cute when a boy. And when he was a teen he also was very handsome. :)

he was good looking then
you can see that carl philip is looking a lot like him.
Crown Prince Carl Gustaf taking part in a boat race in the Baltic Sea, in his boat, Phiesta, 1971.
b-e-w photo
Crown Prince on a boat off Falmouth.
b-e-w photo
Crown prince as an Indian.
b-e-w photo
Crown prince aged 10, with his schoolmates on April 17, 1956
b-e-w photo
Crown prince aged 7 in the Haga Castle's garden
b-e-w photo
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