Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 3: June-October 2006

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what magazine does it have a chandler on the cover

dbarn67 said:
I just received the November issue of House & Garden magazine (the well lived life issue) and guess who's on the cover. CP Marie-Chantal and daughter Olympia. Inside is a look at her London home. But there are also some pics of the children and a look at some of MC's art collection. Also, there is a kind of MC's favorite things (ala Oprah) with some family tidbits like...the family like board games and MC says she and Olympia are the family champs. Unfortunately I dont have a scanner so cant provide the article or pics. But its should be on the newstands today. I recommend picking it up.

does this house and garden issue you recieved a subscribed issue or is it the newsstand version, because the issue posted on the website shows a red-orange cover wallpaper with what looks to be a blue chandler on it and its called the romantic lighting issue.?
miaamor said:
does this house and garden issue you recieved a subscribed issue or is it the newsstand version, because the issue posted on the website shows a red-orange cover wallpaper with what looks to be a blue chandler on it and its called the romantic lighting issue.?

I saw the same issue (the non MC issue) yesterday when I went to look for it. Maybe MC issue will be out later in the month. I subscribe to Vanity Fair and I usually get my issue a couple of weeks before it hits the newstands.
Its the November issue. Yes I'm a subscriber (so I receive it a couple of days before it hits the newstands) but I went into Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn yesterday (Saturday Oct. 8th) and it was on their newstand. The lettering is in the same purple as MC's dress.
House and Garden online has the Oct. issue. Why would you buy it if you can read it online. It'll probably be available online when the Dec. issue comes out. I'll let you know.
Great find olili. I will try to give some insight "asap" if no german speaking person can translate better before that (...?). Seems to deal with principles in child education, and comparison between the "Royals world" and an industry with its codes and rules and networks. New stuff anyway...
I read that the magazine is avalaible at Barnes and Noble. Could sb post it?.
olili said:
I found this interview with MC. Could someone translate it?.

An interesting inteview, german is not my language though....The interview is made on MC:s and her youngest son´s birthday (they have the same you know.)
Outside the house is a white party-tent for two-year-old Odyssevs and his friends. It is adorned with baloons and inside is a small table made with small chairs and small plates (later the children will be served mini-hamburgers brownies and icecream. A party-planner has arranged the whole thing under the motto:"Circus"
Discipline is essetial says MC, it makes life easier to live later. No TV an no cocacola other than on weekends. If their homework is not properly done, no dessert! She says she is a very consequent mother.
The children have a common computer, so what they are doing there can be checked. Olimpia has got her first e-mailadress but under her mother´s server. But no mail can replace a real hand-written letter.
MC says that she never googles the people she has hired, because it would feel like spying. When she was ill the other week though, she googled her symptoms and could get a diagnose before the doctor arrived.
No and then the crown-princesses (Mette-Marit, Mary, Maxima) call each other to chat.
Thank you very much. I don´t understand the word "google" .
Introduction (loosely translated)

Princess Marie-Chantal, the anti Eva Herman

In front of a villa in central London a delivery van is letting out a bouncing castle ( “Hüpfburg”?), while three ladies decorate a white tent with balloons. Inside is a small table with small chairs and small plates. One hardly remarks a red-haired man with white gloves, holding a glass of water, and keeping at a respectful distance of 3 meters.
The big silver frames in the house tell us that two respectable people live here, together with 4 even better educated children, and that they like sailing in summer, as well as wandering in snowy mountains in winter : CP Pavlos of Greece and his wife CPss MC, a style icon of new money in NY and London.
The books on shelves say “Hamptons”, “Aspen”, “Be My Guest”, Weddings of Style” or “Timeless Tiaras”. There are big sofas and space between the pieces of furniture, with true Warhols. The hostess sits there in a beige-grey cashmere suit, same color as the walls.
interview 1/2

Are you hosting a party ?
MC : Yes, my younger son Odysseas is two.

How can a 2 year-old celebrate his Bday ?
MC : Odysseas is a bright little boy. He saw how his brothers and sister celebrate their own Bday. Now he is having his own little party, from 3pm to 6. There will be puppets and funny things to eat : mini hamburgers, ice creams, pudding, brownies. The theme is “circus”. I took the help of a party planner. Normally to find the number of guests you’d take twice the age of the child. But that wouldn’t do here, so I invited 15 children, plus Mums – as it is also my Bday.

Does one learn all this in the “Be my Guest” book ?
MC : No, I just like Bday parties. I like children, their world, their spirit. We all live in so much terror and anxiety. Now, what does really make people happy in the end ? Children.

You have 4, 3 princes and one princess. What is more important, title or education ?
MC : My children are like all other children, and I raise them as such. I value good manners above all, which has nothing to do with titles. When you are disciplined, it helps you in life. I don’t believe in education through pop stars and athletes. The parents must be the example, and children will learn naturally by an osmosis process. I am no severe mother, but I care (“konsequente Mutter” ??) ; for instance I allow Coca Cola drinking or TV Watching only on week-ends.

Do you snap their little royal hands ?
MC : Never. Such things harm their confidence and just end in legitimating violence. If they do something bad, like not completing their homework, I just suppress something they like, for instance a TV program. It works.

You support the “Innocence in danger” charity. You could have found an easier hobby…
MC : Nobody finds it easy to speak about those things. Especially the victims who suffer from shame. One child out of 5 will receive dangerous sollicitations via the Internet.

How do you protect your children ?
MC : Children grow with computers now. Even my 6 year-old plays on But not in his own room. My children have a common playroom where PC is allowed. And I can follow on which pages they went. Olympia is 10, she has her own address, but on my server. I try to teach her to think enough before she sends her message. Written words are powerful. “Do not write out of anger, do a pause before you send”, I always tell her.

Did we loose some style with internet communication ?
MC : Progress led us in a hurry that can be impolite or even dangerous. We need to pay more attention again on our instincts. Personal dialog disappears, we communicate with strangers. So reading and listening carefully need to be promoted again.

Even the Queen has a “handy” (e-mail address?)…

MC : My mother-in-law writes E-mails, which I find wonderful. Nevertheless, electronic messages can never replace a handwritten letter.

Is it permitted to search information about people on the Internet ?

MC : I like to search information for my own life. I have been ill lately ; and before the doctor came, I searched the Internet for the symptoms. I did a diagnostic that was almost the same as the doctor’s. But I would never do a research about a person. It would be like reading other’s people mail. Or spying.
Interview 2/2...Enjoy !

You are not only a mother but also a business woman. A German female writer says children and a carrier cannot go together.
MC : This is an invention of men. It has been genetically proved that women master multitasking, whereas men function by following one track. I experience it personally : the more chaos there is, the deeper I am plunged in my work, the better I feel. Women should use this advantage.

Easy to say when you have a butler and employees to blow the balloons…

MC : As an investment banker, my husband is often away. We both work. Time with our children is very important though. We do not go out more than 2 or 3 times a week. We have supper together. I take my children to bed every day and I bring them to school every morning. Same for picking them up from school. My organization is around their timetable, not the other way round. In the end it makes me happier, because I feel I do a good job as a mother. But naturally do I need some help at home, paid with my own revenue (“Gehalt” = revenue/salary ??).

Is there any reason why one should send their children to a boarding school ?

MC : I went to a boarding school myself – and I hated it. My parents lived in Hong Kong. I was 9 when I was suddenly sent thousands of kms away, in Switerland’s “Le Rosey”. I find it horrible to separate children from their parents at such an early age. My daughter does not even spend one night at her girl friend’s home. On the other side, you are involved in a huge network : I shared my first room with a greek young girl.

Now you are wife of Greece’s CP. Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain : no other CP has such connexions.
MC : My husband’s family has been living in exile for 30 years. In that respect are we not exactly part of this. What was important to my husband, was sharing common values, for instance the fact that I did not come from a split family. I am very proud of my father. He built his success out of nothing. Times when you drew your value from your birth or name are completely behind us.

All 3 Miller sisters married very well. Is there a recipe ?

MC : We happened to be in NY at the good time. But I was very protected at home, I had to be back very punctually. All ran to “Studio 54”, I was not allowed to. Probably a good thing, as it was quite a decadent time. Then I met Pavlos via a relative. I think timing is all in a life. To be at the right place at the right moment.

What do powerful men look for in a woman ?

MC : A good co-pilot. Not one that stands before or behind, but someone that flies “with”.

Your father founded duty-free shops. Are you (Schäppchenjägerin???) ?

MC : No. I like shopping. What woman does not like it ? During holydays I often worked with my father, but I learned more to sell than to buy. Nowadays shopping for children is my favourite. Retail suffered a lot from 9/11, except the “baby business” branch. It stems from a kind of protective instinct : one does not think of oneself, one wants to do something for the children.

When you meet Highnesses on big occasions, does anyone express himself really ?

MC : No, you do how you want to do. As long as you are (“anständig” ???), everything is allowed.

Are there phone calls between CPss, like MM, Mary, Maxima …??

MC: Yes, we get on well together, there are phone calls and communication, like in any industry.

Royal Houses would be an industry ?

In a way, like fashion, cinema, business. It is a group with relations, roles, intrigues.

Intrigues ? Tell us…

MC : Oh no. First is the ceremonial aspect, big dinners with big dresses, like a fairytale…

You are linked to the Tsar’s family by marriage. Do you own one of these knee-length chains with pearls as big as pigeon eggs, from the Romanov’s treasure ?
MC : Not me. But my mother-in-law, Queen Anne-Marie, has jewels from the Romanovs. Rubies und emeralds (“Rubine und Smaragde”??). She wears them for big occasions.

Interview from Dagmar von Taube
Die Welt 24/09/06
Nice interview, thannks sita780.
You are welcome. Well, as you can see my level of motivation was at peak these last hours, so I asked the shopkeeper about US H&Garden. He said he could have it provided he had the bar code (all the little numbers under the black bars, on front or back cover of the magazine). Dbarn67, may I ask you this please ? I hope the trick will work for me as well as for other "foreigners" who could not receive the magazine else...
Of course I provide the upc code. Unfortunately I'm a work right now but I'll
post as soon as I get home today. Around 5:30pm EDT
dbarn67 said:
Its the November issue. Yes I'm a subscriber (so I receive it a couple of days before it hits the newstands) but I went into Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn yesterday (Saturday Oct. 8th) and it was on their newstand. The lettering is in the same purple as MC's dress.
thank You very much for the information.Miaamor:flowers:

Bella said:
I saw the same issue (the non MC issue) yesterday when I went to look for it. Maybe MC issue will be out later in the month. I subscribe to Vanity Fair and I usually get my issue a couple of weeks before it hits the newstands.
Good information Bella, i was gona run to all the book stores now i'm gona wait a litte.miaamor:flowers:
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Thank you, Sita780. Seems like a good interview. I like alot of what MC has to say. She comes across very balanced and intelligent and unpretentious. There were a couple of questions where the interviewer seemed to almost take a dig at her but she came across unruffled. I truly do believe she's a good mother. And she should be proud of her father. All in all, a very interesting interview. Thanks again for translating.
Unfortunately, as I am a subscriber to the magazine my issue came with no UPC code. What I will do is head over to the Borders Book Store near my work tomorrow and copy down the number and post it in the afternoon.

I agree with you Bella M-C come across very well in both the article and the interview. She seems self-assured, calm and confident in her role as wife and
mother. She seems to have a good clear eye on her role in royal life.
Thanks for the heads-up about H&G! I'll go looking for it tomorrow. Thank you to sita780 for translating that interview.
Thanks to everyone who translates these articles for us. She seems to do a lot of interviews... especially lately.
Do you think she got a discount on the decorator's services in exchange for the free publicity in H&G?
I saw the H&G issue w MC on the cover! I actually read it in the check-out line so I didn't have to buy it. The kids are adorable, though I wish the picture of MO was better. I can't say I like her decorating style. Too contemporary for my taste. Ditto for her choice of artwork. But to each his own. The house seems enormous. And w a view of the Thames! You know she paid a pretty penny for that! I like the fact that she gave MO the biggest bedroom! The child is the only daughter (at least for now) after all. By all accounts, they seem to have a close mother/daughter relationship (I like, too, that she's holding MO's hand in the cover photo). Wouldn't you like to be a guest at one of her yet-to-happen entertaining events? The more I read about this woman and her family the more I'm starting to warm to her.
I agree with you on both counts Bella. I not a huge fan of the contemporary style. I will say that I see what she means about creating tranquility the colors are very soothing. Also, she does come across very centered; confident and in love with her family which I really admire.
Could please someone post the pictures from the magazine for all of us who can´t buy a copy?
Please go page 8 of this thread, Wartenberg7. The moderator explains why it is not allowed to post these pictures at the moment.There are also discussions about how to find the magazine in foreign countries.
I bought the issue to read. Just a couple of thoughts.....

The furniture looks expensive and I noticed there weren't alot of knick knacks. I wonder if the children are allowed to play in those rooms or if they're confined to their playroom.

I couldn't believe it when I read MC say she couldn't entertain yet because although she has alot of china, she hasn't had any new china in about four years and wants to wait until she gets new stuff to throw a party. The children also have their own set of dishes (and maybe their own dinner table?). Who cares about this stuff? Their guests shouldn't and if they do, they've got their priorities out of whack!
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