Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 3: June-October 2006

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You are welcome, sOfIa :flowers:

Two more pics from yesterday, I like the one from WENN as they are holding hands :wub: ;), on the second pic they are with Lucas White.


(WENN + Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)
Lovely pictures, thank you. I read last summer that MC would open a shop in Paris in september, in the VIIIe Arrondissement. Maybe next week, just before fashion week in Paris... I read this in a French parenting magazine called Milk, apparently they met her, but I didn't read any other thing about it since... Any other clue ???
Other pic of Marie Chantal at the baptism of Elle Macpherson's son.
from hola

I had once read (and somewhat believed) that MC's marriage to Pavlos was arranged; Mr. Miller was looking for an aristocrat to marry his daughter and King Constantine was looking for a wealthy bride for his son and heir. Vallah! Match made in "heaven". However, I'm starting to think that there is real love there between MC and her Prince. It's nice to think there is at least.
I don't think Mr Miller was looking for an aristo. His wife might have been, but I think he would have been happy with a hard-working American man from a good (meaning old, the Millers are new) family who he could possibly train to take over his business interests or something.

Constantine probably either wanted money or breeding. Even though the Greek monarchy is dead and buried, whatever "chances" might have existed for a restoration (none to none, IMO, but still) died when his heir came home with a woman who looks like she wears the pants (and buys them) in the marriage.

I don't think MC would have been pushed to marry a man she didn't love, and I don't think her father would have let her get pushed into a match she didn't want.

Pavlos comes off like an arrogant doormat, though, so he might have been pushed all day long, or he might have been taught from birth to look for money or breeding and simply fell in love with whoever possessed one or the other.
I agree with some of the above comments and disagree with others. True, both Pavlos and MC were probably encouraged to marry money or to marry well, but what family doesn't encourage that? I live in a middle class neighborhood in Long Island, where the average income is $80,000.(That's the low end, which is not a lot of money to live here in Long Island.) There are business owners, lawyers, doctors and executives that live here. When I listen to their conversations, they always have great plans for their children. None of them hope that their children marry for love, but instead they hope their children marry other lawyers or CEO's. This is coming from the middle class so I can imagine how the upper class are.

And what is wrong with that? Love is important, but so is living well. In addition, I agree that MC was probably not pressured to marry Pavlos. She looks like she is honestly in love with him. She also looks like the type that is independent and a free spirit. I remember in one interview she stated that she nearly drove her parents crazy because she wanted to drop out of her boarding school and that her parents spent a lot of money because she wanted to take lessons and be a singing star. The fact that she married in her late 20's also tells me that she was not rushing to marry well, but that rather she was searching for happiness rather than conformity.

As for Pavlos looking like an arrogant doormat. I don't think he does. He looks arrogant, but he also seems very mysterious and self-assured. That's why I'm crazy about him. I've stated before that I wish he would interview more rather than always hearing from MC.
kelly9480 said:
Pavlos comes off like an arrogant doormat,

HaHa! Sorry but I have to laugh at this, it's mean but it's funny and maybe even true.
thank's for all the pictures.

I can't believe She had four children, M.C. look very pretty and young, is been long since i see any new pictures so thanks to all of You. :flowers:
I think that if MC wasn't happy she would have divorced Pavlos a long time ago like her sisters did, their marriage looks functional, they both look well and happy; love isn't always about high passions and googly eyes, the everlasting kind of love is about respect, partnership and sharing and I think they have that, not to mention 4 beautiful kids and a great life, what else could you ask for?:flowers:
I've read that the Miller sisters were looking for wealthy husbands with good backgrounds,also.Marie Chantal appears to be very happy with Pavlos;she has a beautiful family,a business,an active social life...lovely does look like this couple respects each other.And it's been often quoted that Pavlos chose the right sister;Marie Chantal really does look like she's enjoying her life with him.
kelly9480 said:
Pavlos comes off like an arrogant doormat, though, so he might have been pushed all day long, or he might have been taught from birth to look for money or breeding and simply fell in love with whoever possessed one or the other.
Love your 'doormat' comment. You may be quite right on that one. I think you also make a valid point that MC isn't so much the calculated climber here, Pavlos, however, is.

I remember distinctly the headline in a local Dutch paper the day these two married: It literally read: "Arm koningskind trouwt rijk meisje"
Which translates as: "Impoverished king's son marries rich girl", and that is what it is.
I do agree with the consensus that they're happy together though.
the couple looks wonderful and still happy after years of married life :wub: :flowers:
It must be rather hard for this beautiful to always be taunt with comments about their reasons for marriage - reasons such as monetary gains, titles, etc..

I personally don't think that they married for any other reasons that they love each other and found in each other the ideal partner for life. The fact that they're still together, have 4 kids says alot for their marriage.

Look at MC's sisters marriage....
I agree with you Eliza. I think people who know nothing of them speculate about their reasons for marrying. But the reality is that they have 4 children a appear to be very happy.
The dress she wore with the horizontal ruffles and the tie around the neck is the same one she wore to Gustav's party with the little ermine stole over it when she first cut her hair. I don't ever recall seeing her wear a dress twice before, shoes, but not a dress. Sort of neat I think.
Marie Chantal and Rosario in Paris for Valentino's fashion parade.

I just received the November issue of House & Garden magazine (the well lived life issue) and guess who's on the cover. CP Marie-Chantal and daughter Olympia. Inside is a look at her London home. But there are also some pics of the children and a look at some of MC's art collection. Also, there is a kind of MC's favorite things (ala Oprah) with some family tidbits like...the family like board games and MC says she and Olympia are the family champs. Unfortunately I dont have a scanner so cant provide the article or pics. But its should be on the newstands today. I recommend picking it up.
I don´t buy the magazine because I lived in Spain. Could someone scan it?.
olili said:
I don´t buy the magazine because I lived in Spain. Could someone scan it?.
Sorry Olili, we can't post full scans because that is a breach of copyright and could lead to the Forums and/or the poster being sued by the publishing house.
Warren said:
Sorry Olili, we can't post full scans because that is a breach of copyright and could lead to the Forums and/or the poster being sued by the publishing house.

A sue against whom?Who is the poster behind the nicknames,where is he,what is his age to stand in trail ?
Daytona said:
A sue against whom?Who is the poster behind the nicknames,where is he,what is his age to stand in trail ?

A sue again TheRoyalForums, which can be resulted in the decision to close the Forum. As none of us wants that, we try not to break any copyright rules.
Is it the US version of House and Garden that you are looking at??
Daytona said:
A sue against whom?Who is the poster behind the nicknames,where is he,what is his age to stand in trail ?
All members have e-mail and IP registrations and both can be traced and identified by various agencies (but not by TRF), if required.
Thank you so much for the information dbarn 67. Given what Warren said, can you please just describe the cover of the magazine, and give maybe its website details, so that we can order it online or recognise it on the stands ???? I am sure everybody is dying to read it !!! (well, I am)
Yes, its the American version of House & Garden magazine. MC is on the cover wearing a purple Valentino dress (kind of ugly dress) holding Olympia's (her face is turned away from the camera. Also, her youngest son Odysseas is in the background toddling around. Inside the mag. on page 118 is the same pic covering two pages with Constantine 8 (whom they call "Tino"), Achileas 6(whom they call "Achi") and Odysseus.
The interview is mostly about her and her interior designer Francois Coutroux inspiration for the house in London and some tidbits about family life. She knows Mr. Coutroux because he did her parents first home in Paris and did her sisters bedrooms when they were little girls. She says they moved to London to be closer to the kids grandparents King Constantine and Queen Ann Marie and to send their children to european schools. She and Pavlos had always decided to live in London during the children's school years.
MC says this is her first grown-up house. The first she decorated in a more modern style saying she's moved away from bold colours like reds, pinks and whites in the living areas. She contemporary art on the walls by such artists as Basquiat; Damien Hirst (whom I've never heard of) and an Andy Warhol of MC when she was 16 (there's a funny story there...MC interned for AW at the Factory. One he walked up to her and asked if she wanted her portrait done. She of course said yes. He did the portrait and send a bill to her parents in Hong Kong. She got into huge trouble for that). The actual decorating is pretty nice but I dont like some of the touches like the large blue area rug in the "vast salon" that looks a too 80's for my taste. Also, there's a hideous tree branchlike chandelier in the dining area. But overall the home is very eleganty and beautiful with a lovely artistic feel. The children's rooms are not pictured neither are the master suite. But the descriiption of the children's room are as follows "the 3rd floor is the province of the children's rooms. The boys have a American style and red mattress-ticking curtains; the playroom has bunk beds in the form of a picket-fenced house.
Olympia's room, with beds swagged in pink canopies, is the former master suite. Her father says "You gave the best room in the house to you daughter what will she come to expect?" Marie says with a laugh." They have not begun to entertain in the new house. She say she amazed at the things she still needs. She thought she had tons of china but when you entertain alot
you dont want people to see the same old plate again and again.
She drives the older kids to and from school everyday. She plans on expanding a children merchandising venture into children's furniture while Pavlos runs Ortelius Capital.
MC's favorite things.

Game Plan: As me mentioned before they like board games and she and Olympia are the Scrabble champs of the family.

Good Clean Sun: L'oreal's Paris Sublime Glow is a good daily moisturizer with tanner. She says each time you use it the tan gets a litter darker.

Sleep on it: Twice a year she buys her sheet in white only (no colors) from E. Braun & co. on Madison Ave in NY.

Pint-sized fashing: MC says her design style is "for the mother who like to shop for herself and a children and like to be welldressed. (a smal picture of some a her merchandise.

Marking Time: Prince Pavlos her a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date watch in 18k gold after the christening of Odysseus. House and Garden lists the price at $18,000.

Future heirlooms: She designed a version of those necklace with the little child figures in diamonds of course. Saying she its lovely having her children around her neck all the time. And a ring her mother gave her with a large pair shaped diamond and her name engraved in diamonds. Pretty ring.

Early Start: The children have their own china (Starry Skies by Emma Bridgewater) and their table is set properly for all meals. "Children need to learn that good manners start at the dining room table with thier parents.

Sensory Perception: "Perfume is so important because it becoms a signature that people remember you by..." Hers is Eau D'Hadrien by Annick Goutal $69 at Neiman Marcus.

Pictue Perfect: Silver picture frames with their logo on top highlight more official royal and family occasions. Such the official photo from her wedding; her and Pavlos form pre-wedding photo (I think its from Vanity Fair) and Pavlos christening photo and one other that not close enough for me to identify. But it looks like King Constantine christening photo (I could be wrong but thats what I think...I see Orthodox Greek priest in black).

A Creative Partnership: a pic of Marie with Francois Catroux.

Also, back to the article there's a nice pic of "Tino" and and "Achi" running aroud the back yard.
Wow, thank you dbarn 67, for taking time to give so many details. Well, the hunt is on to find this magazine...
I Found On A House & Garden Magazine And It´s Cover Is A Lamp.
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