Palace Noordeinde, The Hague

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The Palace has shared some photos of Queen Juliana handing over the key of the Palace Garden (situated between Noordeinde Palace, the Royal Stables and the Royal Archives) to the Mayor of Den Haag in April 1953. From then on the garden was used as a city park:

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Maybe later Queen Beatrix and King Willem-Alexander regretted this because it took away a fantastic green park. At the other side: under the Reign of Queen Juliana Noordeinde Palace was neglected and even partly in use by other organizations as an office. Probably Queen Juliana thought: "What is the use of all that green for an unused palace?"

But the last 40 years Noordeinde Palace really is the headquarters of the Royal House Services. But okay: once given, remains given.,_Royal_Archives_and_Royal_Stables.svg
Noordeinde Palace will be the first Grade I monument to have solar panels. A special commission of monumental experts has investigated the situation, after remarks by the King he would love to take sustainable steps but regulations were a blockade.

The commisssion found out that Noordeinde Palace has opportunities to have non-visible solar panels, with respect for the monumental status. For Huis ten Bosch, the King's other palace in The Hague, the commission saw no possibilities for solar panels without deforming the monumental character of the 17th C palace.

This aerial shows that the large extension of 1814-1817 (attached to this 17th C inner city palace) indeed has flat rooftops, helping to place solar panels with respect for the monumental view:

This is the extension of 1814-1817: Haag/Noordeinde/Achtergevel met hek.jpg
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The Noordeinde Palace is situated in such a really lovely area of the Hague with the buildings at the green parks.
The Noordeinde Palace is probably my favourite Dutch Royal Residence!
Noordeinde Palace in The Hague from the inside
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