Opening of Parliament: 2003-2021

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I remember Rym the "reporter" and it seems the only thing that had been change after the marriage is her title .
Opening of Parliament - 2006

King to open ordinary parliamentary session Tuesday

Amman, Nov. 27 (Petra) His Majesty King Abdullah II on Tuesday opens the parliament’s fourth ordinary session with a speech from the throne outlining development of events in the region and Jordan’s standpoint regarding these events. Petra
Lots of Petra pictures from today:

King Abdullah, arrival at the Parliament and inspection of honour guards
King Abdullah, greeting Queen Rania and officials
Inside the Parliament: (various members of the royal family are pictured, including Queen Rania, Princesses Muna, Aisha, Zein, Ghida, Alia al-Feisal, Alia bint Hussein, Sumayyah, as well as Princes Feisal, Hamzah, Hashem, Ali, Talal)
More pictures:
various images (AP, Reuters via Yahoo)
King says no peace deal at expense of Jordan

KING ABDULLAH ON Tuesday reiterated that Jordan will not accept an “unjust settlement” of the Palestinian issue or any deal that could undermine the Kingdom.
“Jordan will not accept an unjust settlement of this issue, nor will Jordan accept any settlement that comes at its expense,” the King said in the Speech from the Throne at the opening of the fourth ordinary session of Parliament (see report and full text of the speech). Jordan Times
liked the picture of Prince Hashem and prince Hamzah.
Thank you for the pictures and albums.
I love Princes Hashem and Hamza!
hilal said:
Thank you for the pictures and albums.
I love Princes Hashem and Hamza!
Isn't it great to finally see them after sometime? :wub: BTW Is Hashem wearing a sword in one of those photos?
Opening of Parliament: 2003 - 2008

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Opening of Parliament - December 2, 2007

A Royal Decree was issued on Thursday calling on Parliament to convene in an ordinary session as of Sunday.
Improving living conditions top priority - King - article

Kings Speech
And because youth are the future of Jordan, we emphasise that we will continue to support them and open doors for their capabilities and abilities to enhance their participation in public life, and enable them to participate in building their homeland.....
Full text here
Opening of Parliament - 5 October 2008

King to open Parliament's 2nd Ordinary session today
Jordan News Agency - Petra - King to open Parliament's 2nd Ordinary session tomorrow

His Majesty King Abdullah II will open tomorrow the 15th Parliament's 2nd ordinary session with a speech from the throne.

In his speech, the King will address political, economic and social issues of the coming stage.

After the opening, the Lower House of Parliament will hold its first session during which the permanent office of the house will be elected.

The house will also elect heads of its permanent parliamentary committees and the committee tasked with drafting a reply to the King's Speech from the Throne.
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Thanks for the photos, Rania looks nice. It seems like she's wearing another Dior outfit.
I'm sursprised, the Opening of Parliament is a bit early, normally it's at the end of november.
Rania looks great.
I saw prince Faisal, Hamzah I wished to see Ali or Hashim.
I saw prince Faisal, Hamzah I wished to see Ali or Hashim.
yes i saw them too, i noticed that prince faisal has lost some weight!! Has any other princesses attended as ive not see any pics of them yet?
In the Daylife photos there is a shot of Queen Rania, Princess Muna, Princess Aisha and I think Princess Rahma.
prince Hamzah looks distracted,he looked like that in the last few pics
thank you all for the photos:flowers:
what about PAlia i didn't saw her with the family??
i think these are usual that go but im surprised with the prince hashim and ali did not go. :ohmy:
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