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A recent dutch picture, released just before christmas, from, even Johan-Friso makes an effort and smiles (took a lot of practicing I think):

I LOVE the dutch pictures, they are so full of warmth and happiness, although the brown building in the backround of the latest family picture somehow reminds me of a prison:( And even almost a smile-like grin from Friso...

On the other hand I hate all the pictures taken by Steen Evald in Denmark, they look so stiff and the harsh light and photoshopping makes them look more like lifeless fashionshoots. They used to have a really talented photographer, I think her name was Rigmor Myveskov who took some fantastic pictures, but maybe she is now retired?

The latest official pictures taken by Jo Michael/det kongelige hoff in Norway, I think he is the best they have had in many years, and they have had alot of terrible official photographers IMO

and the official one from Leah Isadoras christening, from scanpix
Well, the disadvantage of the dutch photographers is that usually it looks very messy and as if it was taken by an amateur, but you are right, the seem more personal then the photoshoped danish ones :) The picture of Ingrifd-Alexandra with the rose is just amazing, what a cute little girl she is!
The prison is Castle Het Oude Loo btw, used frequently for family gatherings.

More pictures from

baptism of Countess Luana (and Friso is trying to smile again)


Princess Margriet + family (still without Samuel, Felicia, Anita and Aimee):


Just after the birth of Princess Catharina-Amalia:


Prince Constantijn + family:

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And more from

H.M. The Queen:


The Queen, Prince Claus and in the background Queen Juliana, Princess Margriet and Prince Bernhard jr.



March 4, 2006
from by Bjørn Sigurdsøn

Front row : HE Countess Ruth, HM Queen Margarethe, HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra, HRH Crown Princess & Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Marius Borg Hoiby, HM the Queen, Princess Ragnhild
Middle row : Princess Astrid, Johan Martin Ferner, HRH Crown Prince Frederik, HRH Crown Princess Mary, HRH Crown Prince & Prince Sverre Magnus, HM The King, HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Martha Louise, Maud Angelica Behn, Leah Isadora Behn, Ari Behn
Back row : Bjørn Steinsland, Espen Høiby, HRH Crown Princess Maxima, HRH Crown Prince Pavlos, HRH Princess Rosario, HRH Prince Kyril, Marianne Gjellestad

Front Row : HRH Crown Princess Maxima, HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra, HRH Crown Princess, Marius Borg Hoiby, HM The Queen & Prince Sverre Magnus
Back Row : Bjørn Steinsland, Espen Høiby, HRH Crown Prince Pavlos, HRH Crown Prince, HM The King, HRH Princess Rosario, Marianne Gjellestad

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Hi Jess!
Small tidbit: in the first picture Sverre is in his father's arms and Ingrid is on Marius' lap:rolleyes: ;) :cool: :D

Thanks for posting those;)
I'm glad that Marius takes part in all of the official photos concerning the NRF. :)

How many official photos has Letizia been in? I know there's one of her sitting in a chair and one of her and Felipe. Do Christmas cards count?
hi socalgirl,
letizia had an official photo sitting on a chair and one with felipe, the official photos taken at the wedding and the official photos taken because of the birth of leonor. there were major events in which they posed for photographers, but as far as i know no official photos were released (engagement, presentation of leonor, baptism of leonor, trip to lanzarote with leonor...)
I hate that picture actually, I think the photographer was a bit to enthousiastic with photoshop, which is quite visable (why he used so much I do not know, as Mary looks pretty great without it).
Josefine said:
thank you that would be great that was her first official princess potriat photo if you know what i mean with the dress and her hair up

here are other of the king and queen of sweden

the old IBL site

The one in the doorway to the state dining room is certainly interesting! I've never seen a composition like that. I like it!
Marengo said:
I hate that picture actually, I think the photographer was a bit to enthousiastic with photoshop, which is quite visable (why he used so much I do not know, as Mary looks pretty great without it).

I always loved that picture of Mary too.
A question out of interest, how do you tell a photoshop picture? I can't tell the difference.:ermm:
Josefine said:
but if you mean official photo in grand gala

these would be the once

photos from

the last photo

The picture of Madaleine is my all time favorite official royal portrait. I think everything works in that photo - the blue backgroung and the blue ribbon matches while the red colour of the dress makes the person step forward in the composition. It's a very clever drawing up. And then - of course - it helps a lot that the model is so beautiful...
the swedish pictures won the contest, they wear the best outfits for photoshoots. the way they stand and pose for the camera is if they took a course in it. but why does princess madaleine always sit for the official picture.
Royal Family Photos!!

I wanted to open this topic a long time ago. here you have to post royal families family pictures taken by a single photographer at a single photoshoot. not those candit photos or the photos where we see each member is looking at a different camera. or those that are taken by many photographers but doesn't look very bad (i mean look at the first pic of Natherlands. though there were photographers everywhere but both pricesses are looking at the same place)

here are some of my favorites.

Great Britain:
Princess Diana & Baby William
Another Baby William with Princess Diana
Diana, William & Harry
Diana, William & Harry 2
Diana, William & Harry 3

Queen Rania & Baby Salma
Queen Rania with her 3 kids
King, Queen and family
Another family picture

Crown Prince & Family
Princess Mathilde & Princess Elisabeth
Princess Mathilde & Prince Gabriel
Princess Mathilde with her 2 kids
and awww!! :wub:

Princess Maxima with Alexia
Cute Amalia

Prince Christian
Prince Christian 2
Princess Mary and Princess Isabella
Crown Prince and Princess with their girl
And another one
Proud mum and dad
Lovely family
Birthday Girl

Princess Aiko
Princess Aiko 2
Cute Aiko with parents

Princess Leonor
Princess Leonor with Daddy
Lovely Family

i'll post more soon. please post your favorite photos as well.:)
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does the Crown prince couples in the netherlands, belgium and spain have official Photographs in gala?
Acutally, if they do, I dont think that there many of them. Good question.
They are great! I love both, official and casual pics. The first ones allows you to see royals with all the glittering of the symbols they are for their peoples and for the world; the casual photos are the way you may see them relaxed and happy showing them as they REALLY are. Vanesa.
ANP Beeldbank

Denmark's Queen Margrethe, Sweden's King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia and Norway's King Harald and Dorrit Moussaieff attended the 1000 year celebration of Lithuanias capital Vilnius on Monday July 6 2009. :flowers:
Queen Silvia 1976

I was reading one of Jan Guillous books about Coq Rouge ( I think it could be "I nationens intresse" from 1988) and there was a fun thing. An official portrait of Queen Silvia was described as improper in our arabic friend contries - noo sleeves on the dress! And the secret agent Hamilton think her smile is sexy. Could it be the portrait from 1976? (above) Is there any other Official portrait of Silvia with no sleeves on her dress??
And to be honest, for me - beeing a woman, (and a child 1976) I have nerver thought of Her Majestys smile as "sexy" :)
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