Nov. Special: Queen Ingrid of Denmark

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Royal Highness
Sep 28, 2002
4-year anniversary of the death of H.M. Queen Ingrid of Denmark

The 7th of November will mark the 4-year anniversary of the death of H.M Queen Ingrid of Denmark. While to mourn the passing of this most distinguished guardian of the Danish monarchy is normal it seems more fitting tribute to celebrate the life of this dedicated and dignified woman once accorded the title of “the keeper of the royal flame”.

Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta was born on 28 March 1910 to H.M. King Gustaf (VI) Adolf and his English-born wife Queen Margareta in Stockholm Castle. Sadly, the young Swedish princess lost her mother when she was only ten-years old and as a result became fiercely independent and displayed a maturity far beyond her years. She became the bonding force between her father and four brothers which though difficult, would prepare her for her role as Denmark's future queen. The ability Queen Ingrid possessed for forging lasting and loving bonds with Danish people was truly extraordinary and because of this "...he was raised above criticism to her dying day."

The prophetic young Ingrid knew she would never lead a normal life. She was a born leader and knew her destiny was not to be one of passivity and leisure. One of her brothers remarked that she could "...[l]ead her troops like a general"while her daughter, the present Queen Margrethe II, claimed that her mother was “…[a] splendid strategist and tactician. She could have been a brilliant lawyer." It seems only natural then that this brilliant woman should make an equally brilliant match--and she did. The beautiful Swedish Princess married the handsome and dashing Danish Crown Prince and it was a legendary match. The future King Frederik IX was warm and spontaneous; a man of the people. The future Queen Ingrid was cool, regal and reflective. They were the perfect match of polar opposites and together an incomprable team. Together they became one with Denmark.

Ingrid did experience some minor difficulties settling into her new homeland. But, through her passion for social work and her contact with the Danish people she became a Dane. "If there was a tiny remnant of a foreigner in her, that disappeared on 9 April 1940, the day Denmark was occupied. She never hid the fact that: ‘That morning, I realised I was Danish’.” As a sign of solidarity with the Danish people she and Crown Prince Frederik were often seen walking through Copenhagen with their little girls. Through these simple but poignant acts the Crown Prince and Crown Princess rallied the Danish people around the royal family. Frederik and Ingrid were symbolically making the Danish people members of their own family and stressing to them that together they would all survive this occupation.

Later in life Queen Ingrid delighted in becoming the grandmother of ten lovely grandchildren whom she adored and in return they adored her. However, her greatness was not lost on the youngsters and Crown Prince Frederik claimed, somewhat awe-stricken, that she was “a store of knowledge and wisdom”.

As her health deteriorate over the years her public appearances because less and less frequent and on 7 November 2000 H.M. Queen Ingrid of Denmark passed away at the age of 90.

Though she is gone her spirit and dedication to the Danish people still continues to flourish through her daughters and grandchildren.

Queen Ingrid received a total of thirty-two Danish and foreign decorations, medals and honours. She was the patron of many organisations, and until her death she was active in chairing the following four foundations:
"King Frederik and Queen Ingrid's Foundation for Humanitarian and Cultural Purposes"
"The Ingrid Foundation for Southern Jutland"
"The Royal Greenland Foundation".

Sources: Royal Danish Embassy - Washington, D.C.

"Queen Ingrid's Roman Foundation".


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