Norway's National Day, May 17: 2003 - 2024

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I like that in Norway not only the women but also the men wear traditional attire (unlike their neighbors in Sweden).
She also has the Askerbunad she got for her confirmation, Asker is where Skaugum is situated:
She has worn this during the first covid national day:

When she born she got Vest Agder bunads for her whole life, where her mother is from, she has worn atleast two as a child but I dont think we have seen her with a grown up version yet

For her 18th her grandmother gave her bunad from Rogaland. Like she has and Mette-Marits first, she has not worn it:

And from Oslo she got an Oslo suit which is not really a bunad, not worn yet.

So she has plenty to choose from….

Thank you Annine; that’s informative! Which one is the one she wore at Skaugum this year? It’s very pretty.
That was the Numedalsbunad from the municipality where their wintercabin is situated, they gifted it for her 18th birthday, I did not mention it in the previous post, she wore it with the hat when the mayor and seamstress came to deliver it at the palace last year.

I guess in the future she will primarely wear it when visiting the Numedal area.

I predict the Telemark bunad she got from the King and Queen, and the Asker bunad from where she lives and will live when she is crown princess will be the ones we see most often.

Sonja has several bunads she only wears when visiting that specific part of the country. She preffers her two bunads from Telemark.

Seeing Ingrid in uniform for national day was supprising, though not without presedent because the King also did the years he was educated in the army. I do wonder how much she will wear uniforms when she is crown princess, if she will wear it for state council and opening of the Stortinget where her father always wears uniform, or if she will choose a suit/dress.

King Frederik said during the state visit she enjoyed and found military life exciting even if it was hard.
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