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Dawn Piercy

Apr 24, 2017
Los Angeles
United States
Hello, I'm new to this site. As the family historian I recently found my family are Royals that moved here to America. I am a direct descent of James IV, King Henry VII, House of Percy and many other Royals and a distant cousin to the Queen, 13th cousin 2x removed to be exact. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. [emoji4]
You have a lot of excellent post Rudolph. Thank you for posting them. I am still learning about my family history.
Thank you for welcoming me with such beautiful sentiments of love and with such distinguished accompaniment. We are thrilled to be members of such prestigious global team that truly has become the source for Royal News relating to every facet of their lives. What a fabulous resource you've created. God bless the team for continued success on all levels of the site and it's charter. Cheers!
Cheers indeed?

If anyone is interested in my family tree I have a website that it is up and public. I'm finding more and more Royal cousins as well as ancestors continually.

I recently found the Queen is also my 9th cousin through a different line

The website is
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Hello, Dawn Percy! You have joined at an exciting time with the engagement of Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan.
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