Naruhito and Masako Picture Thread

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[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Aiko smiling (I suspect she sees her father coming back from an official trip, but that is just a guess)[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Aiko going to school[/FONT]
Masako´s mother in kimono, with two of her daughters

Miss Owada at work

Masako smiling at her wedding

Masako in white: 1 ** 2

Masako in red

Masako in kimono

Beautiful Masako

Masako – life as crown princess

Masako with baby Aiko

Various pics of Masako smiling

Masako – public appearances 1993 – 2013

Crown prince and princess in the nineties

Crown prince and princess comforting disaster evacuees

Aiko with her cat

Naruhito, Masako and Aiko with the Dutch royals: 1 ** 2

The crown prince and princess attending a school event of Aiko, around 2009

Toddler Naruhito

Little Naruhito in kimono

Little Naruhito “driving”

Naruhito reading

Naruhito playing the violin

Naruhito in Oxford

Naruhito jogging

Article about the recent trip to the Netherlands (with many pictures)
Little Naruhito

Naruhito growing

Masako 1994

Masako meeting children

Very cute pic of Masako and baby Aiko waving

The crown princely family 2002

The crown princely family throughout the years

Aiko competing at a school festival

Aiko in casual wear

Aiko´s birth being announced in the news:


As, at the time, there was naturally no footage of the new baby available yet, the video mainly shows Masako at public engagements that took place after the pregnancy had been announced. It is hardly surprising but still very nice to see how happy she looks. :flowers:
On June 9th, CP Naruhito and CP Masako celebrate their 23th wedding anniversary. Here's a special report with a bunch of photos at Sankei.
The CP family meet with Naruhito's Gakushuin classmates and their families each year around New Year's. The gathering lasts about 2 hours and there are 5 families. It seems two classmates appeared on Fuji TV and shared some photos.
Screenshots at Kaiserin Aiko
I quite enjoy seeing CP Masako in bright colours. With her dark hair and eyes, these shades look wonderful on her and bring out her personality.:flowers:
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The IHA released a formal photo of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, taken on May 15, 2019 at Akasaka Imperial Palace.

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