Mette-Marit and Mental Health

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According to pictures children were thrilled to see her. :flowers:
I like the big picture of Mette-Marit on a child's head. its so sweet. :wub:
I really like the green coat. It looks better fitting than most of her clothes and for once she does not look so overlayered. It also looks good with the blond hair even though I am not a fan of her overbleached hair. The pictures of the exited children were adorable. I can believe M-M must have really enjoyed this engagement.
I think I might have relatives in Honefoss (sorry for the poor Norwegian punctuation) -- it's the last place where my American relatives had contact with their Norwegian cousins. I wonder if any of them saw the princess today...
She's really great with children. She seemed to have enjoyed this event very much. And it's obvious that the kids were also excited to see her. :wub:
These three pix are really great, great face, hair, clothes
IMo this visit belongs to this thread to keep it a bit organised

An article from the council for mental health

As Patron Crown PRrncess Mette-Marit paid a visit to the Fountain House in Hønefoss. During the visit which was initiated by the Crown Princess she got hear about the importance of rehabilitation for people with mental health problems.... the fountain house is a place where people with mental health problems can get help to get back into work and activity as well as help with rehabilitation. The model is about 60 years old and was started in New York as an answer to the negative view on people with mental health problems, it has since then migrated to several countries and the house in Hønefoss has been open since 2003 and is open 5 days a week. thanks to the staff and monitary support from among other the TV fundraiser Heart Space the house is a well organised and secure place with broad social program in the district of Hønefoss.
Rådet for psykisk helse

Considering how centered Mette-Marits agenda is around Oslo, this is actually the third time she has visite Hønefoss since she became Crown Princess, and its not even a very big town. Further it is the second time she is visiting a Fountain House, last time was when King Harald was just diagnosed with heart problems in 2005, then the visit was to the fountain house in Oslo.
What a great work she is doing! People with Menthal Problems are always somewhat marginated from society, and I think it is hard to have them re-integrated in social life...Not cause of themselves, who could be cured, but because of people, who could believe they are not and never will be, totally cured. :ermm:

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