Memorial for Queen Frederika (25 anniversary, 2006)

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Imperial Majesty
Apr 28, 2005

Queen Sofía and her children go to funeral by Queen Federica

Queen Doña Sofía, accompanied by Princes de Asturias, the Dukes of Palm, the Infant Doña Elena and princess Irene, attended today in Tatoi the funeral celebrated in the occasion of the 25 years of the death of the mother of the Spanish sovereign, queen Federica of Greece.
In the middle of a remarkable cold due to the low temperatures that are registered in these days in the zone, the members of the Spanish Royal Family arrived at the Palace of Tatoi, to about 20 kilometers of Athens and where Doña Sofía passed her childhood, to attend trisagio - funeral by the orthodox rite in memory of queen Federica, that is buried in a specific zone of the enclosure palace next to her husband, king Pablo I.
The religious office they also attended the ex- king of Constantino of Greece, along with his wife Ana Maria and her children Alexia, Nicholas and Pablo, as well as the wife of this one, Marie Chantal.
Are there pics about this very sad event? As we can see, this week is very buzy for the RFE and in particulary for the princre of Asturias !
adelaide said:
Are there pics about this very sad event? As we can see, this week is very buzy for the RFE and in particulary for the princre of Asturias !

no pictures adelaide yet, but i'm afraid we won't get pictures as it's a very private event. i doubt more people appart from the family attended, as the greeks practically forgot of their royal family years ago, so no even political authorities or statesman. probably we will get some pictures of the arrival in the airport, but i don't think there are any photos available of the actual event.
There's an article on the Hola website with a picture but because i'm not registered i can't read it. Could someone be kind enough to post it please? Thanks! :rolleyes: :)

HM Queen Sofia, accompanied by the Princes of Asturias, the Dukes of Palma, Infanta Doña Elena and Princess Irene, travelled yesterday to Greece, in order to attend, in Tatoi, the celebration of 25º anniversary since the death of Queen Federica of Greece. The religious ceremony - by the orthodox rite called trisagio – was also attended by Konstantin of Greece, his wife and children, Alexia, Nicholas, Teodora, Philipo, Pablo and Marie Chantal.

25 years have passed and the Sovereign has returned to undertake an unforgettable and sad visit to the past; a short visit – just a few hours in Athens, where Doña Sofía recovered the memory and the emotion of those years...

Doña Sofia has returned this week to pay tribute to her mother along with the Infantas Doña Elena and Doña Cristina, the Prince of Asturias and her daughter-in-law, Princess Letizia, who had the opportunity to acknowledge the past and the history of the Queen of Spain for the first time.

From the funeral of Queen Federica of Greece, in 1981. By Hola:
It is a shame that there is no photo of the family in Greece, they had been a very emotive photographies .... but it seems that it has been a very private act:(
yes, i agree. it was probably a very private event, although it's would be great to see pictures of the SRF & Greek RF on their home-soil...
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The Princes travelled to Valencia from Athens, on where they travelled, together with the dukes of Palm and the infanta Elena, to accompany the Queen in the funeral informed in Tatoi's royalestate on the occasion of 25 anniversary of the death of the queen Federica of Greece. The mother of the queen Sofía died in Madrid on February 8, 1981 and the Greek government at the time only authorized the return of the royal Greek family for a few hours in order that they could fulfill the desires of the queen Federica to be buried together with her husband, the king Paul, died in Athens in 1964.
Memorial for Queen Federika (25 anniversary)

photos from the memorial of queen federika of greece, attended by greek and spanish royal families in tatoi, athens.

photos taken from the greek royal family official website.

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thanks, carlota ! finally we get some pictures...

it's really sweet seeing each one of the Greek or Spanish Royals have his/her own small wreath with either blue or yellow-orange colour.
Thanks for the photographies are a pain that is not more. It surprises to me that the Greek Royal Family decides to place a photo in which only appears Princess Letizia in its Web.:confused:
i questioned that too, lula.

i'm wondering, of all the many photos it must have been available "privately", why do they choose these 3 pictures. the 1st & 2nd ones are ok, and of course, it's always great to see Letizia, but where are the pictures of the Spanish Infantas, and Greek Princes & Princesses ?
will they update the photo gallery and add photos? i can only hope...
the press release from here :

Memorial Service at Tatoi
10 February 2006

Members of the Greek and Spanish Royal Families visit Athens to conduct a memorial service at King Paul and Queen Frederica’s graves at Tatoi.

HM Queen Sofia of Spain, HRH Crown Prince Felipe with his wife Crown Princess Leticia, HRH Infanta Elena and HRH Infanta Cristina have joined members of the Greek Royal Family in Tatoi, Athens on the occasion HM Queen Frederica's 25th bereavement.

King Constantine, Queen Anne-Marie, Crown Prince Pavlos, Princess Alexia and Prince Nikolaos arrived in Athens on Sunday for the final preparations. Princess Irene arrived with her sister, the Queen of Spain on Monday.
...JuAnItA... said:
Will we have more photos? :confused:

Probably not, as this was a rather private occasion.
The fact is that the previous Greek government decided to take the palace from the ex royal family, where the graves of all the ancestors of Constantine and his family lie.
While he insisted he prefered Tatoi rather than money, they rejected it and gave him a respectful refund of some million euros, with which he founded the Anna Maria Foundation.
However, can you imagine having to ask the permission of the state to visit your deceased relatives' graves? That's even sadder than the pictures. I know this is not a pleasant topic, but that is life.
How would you feel and react?
really that pics are from the official web site? I went there and i didn't find anything.
posted by Octavius on GREMB

Back on February 12th, 1981

A very rare picture, taken at the Madrid airport moments before they all boarded the plane headed for Athens and the burial of Queen Frederika.

Left to right: King Constantine, Princess Alexia, King Juan Carlos, Infanta Elena, Queen Sofía and Infanta Cristina.

Picture by Marisa Flórez for EL PAIS.

Can anyone post the photos of Hola, please??
many more pictures from the 25th Memorial Service for Queen Federika in Tatoi.
they are from Greek's Hello Magazine via the official website of GRF (here)

1 - King Constantine
2 - Crown Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia of Spain
3 - the whole royal family
4 - Infanta Elena of Spain
5 - Princess Alexia
6 - Prince Nikolaos
7 - Queen Sofia of Spain
8 - Crown Prince Pavlos & Princess Irene

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