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I write letters to Prince Wills and Prince Charles if both got birthdays but i got e-mail from Wills before i gone to tours in Nov.2002 but i never met Prince Wills but i met Prince Charles at Prince's trust i shake him!

Sara Boyce
And how did you address the letter?
And they sent you pics or anything else?
you can write to Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles at

St Jame's palace
London Sw1A 1BS
United Kingdom
What's address of Prince of Orange?
Everybody know it?
H.R.H. The Prince of Orange
Noordeinde 66
2514 GL Den Haag
Fax: 070 364 29 21
To send correspondence to a member of The Royal House of Sweden, you can do that by adressing one of them, for example:

H.M. The King (or, if you'd like H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf)
H.M. The Queen (or, or you'd like, H.M. Queen Silvia)
H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria
H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip
H.R.H. Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland
H.R.H. Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson

and then the address:

Kungliga Slottet (or if you'd like, in English, the Royal Palace of Stockholm)
111 30 Stockholm
To send correspondence to a member the British Royal Family, you can write to:

Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

To send correspondence to the Prince of Wales, Prince William or Prince Harry, you can write to:

Clarence House
St. James's Palace
London SW1A 1BA
Originally posted by Lord Sosnowitz@Jan 18th, 2004 - 8:06 am
And how did you address the letter?
And they sent you pics or anything else?
It depends. Sometimes they will send you a picture, other times it is just a thank you note. I received a thank you from the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway and it included a picture of Ingrid Alexandra. From Princess Marie of Liechtenstein I received a one sentence thank you with her original signature. It just depends on the format the family uses. Hope this helps you out.
SM el Rey Don Juan Carlos de España
SM la Reina Doña Sofia de España
SAR el Principe de Asturias
SAR la Infanta Cristina de España
SAR la Infanta Elena de España
Doña Letizia Ortiz (since the wedding, SAR la Princesa de Asturias)

Casa de Su Majestad el Rey
Palacio de La Zarzuela
Madrid (España)
You can reach any of the members of the Belgian Royal Family at this address:

Royal Palace
Brederodestraat 16
1000 Brussels
*HSH Prince Hans-Adam II
*HSH Princess Marie
*HSH Hereditary Prince Alois
*HSH Hereditary Princess Sophie

Vaduz Castle
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein
Any of the members of the Monegasque Princely Family

Palais Grimaldi
2 Boulevard des Moulins
98015 Monte Carlo
Members of the Luxemburgish Grand Ducal Family

Palais Grand Ducal
2447 Luxembourg
Yesterday I got a letter from Princess Benedikte of Denmark’s lady-in-waiting Karin of Rosenborg, which basically said thank you for the card I sent to Benedikre’s 60th bithday in April and that she appreciated it very much. I must say though, that her lady-in-waiting had a lovely handwriting – just beautiful old fashioned!

But as “mybags” said, how they answer you depends on how each royal family does these things.

When I write to a royal (I’m gonna try to be better at appreciating my favourite royals, until now, the card to Princess Benedikte’s birthday was my first time sending correspondence. Before I have just written in books laid out for special occasions for the Royal House of Sweden) I use a formal tone in the letter/card – but don’t let the message text get to formal.

For ex. I address the envelope to H.R.H. and then name and title, and also the letter/card’s opening phrase. The text can be more “normal”, and then I end with some nice finishing phrase.

This was some feedback from my side; I would love to hear how others do!
HEy...has any Royalty EVER written back?? O__O

oh...and is there a royalty among us?!?! O______O who is it?
HEy...has any Royalty EVER written back?? O__O

Yeah! I received a very nice letter from Queen Noor. And it was handwritten too! I wrote her because I read her book, "Leap of Faith," and I told her that it was very informative too. And my roommate, Marianne, who posts here too, says that Royals really do read some of the things that we post on a lot of boards, because she gets to go shopping with the ones who visit New York. And she says that they do like to read these things. And she says that sometimes they find what we write funny or flattering. But she said that sometimes they become upset too, or get their feelings hurt, but not very often. But Marianne still won't tell me if they actually join to post their own messages. But knowing Marianne, that probably means that they do, and she won't tell me.

WOW!!! that is soooooooooo cool!!! ^___^ Royalties actually read what we post???? O_O wow...well hello to you if you are a royalty hahahaha....and i think it's nice that some royals actually take the time to read their fanmail! by the way is there by any chance any REAL [hahaha] royals among us LTR members???
I would like to write to a royal but I am not really sure what to say/ask them. To anyone who has written to a royal...what did you say in your letter?
:lol: Hi evreybody !
I often write to the princely family of Monaco for birthdays and congratulations on events like soccer games, Amade 40th birthday... I wrote to prince Albert to ask him when he 'll be back in Megeve. We have a good friend in common. This family is really nice. They answered me. Caroline sent me a picture and an autograph on November 2003. Really nice.
When I wrote Queen Noor, my roommate, Marianne -- and she posts here as Totally Marianne, or something like that -- told me that I should just try to be polite and try to be just myself. But if you want to write them, then maybe you should ask her for some advice, because she really knows what to say to them, because she gets to be around them so much, when she's not too preoccupied with older boys. But she helped me write my letter to Queen Noor, and she told me a lot about herself too.

I usually write for a milestone: birthdays, weddings, births. Just a simple congratulatory letter will do or if you have some concerns or comments than you can write those as well. Oh, by the way, just received a thank you card from Constantijn and Laurentien. It was so adorable with a pic of the whole family on it.

A word of advice: I know it was mentioned before but: be yourself. Express yourself naturally. :flower:
By the way, what is Queen Noor's address?
Lord Sosnowitz:

You claimed the crown that you use is your "ducal crown" then why may I ask are you "Markgraf von Sosnowitz" Margrave of Sosnowitz.... a Margrave is a Count..or Marquis....not a Duke, am I correct? Duke in German is HERZOG
For mybags. By the way, what is Queen Noor's address?

She has five, but I can get the address that Marianne told me to write to, and post it here later, if you want me to! Okay?


P.S. One is in the U.S.A. too!
For: mybags. By the way, what is Queen Noor's address?

To Les Tribunes Royales:

I am really sorry to post twice in the same topic, and make a mess. And I promise that I won't do this again. Okay? But I promised to give mybags an address of Queen Noor, so that she may write to her, and you have to keep a promise.

To mybags:

Marianne said that you should use this address for Queen Noor, but she said that Queen Noor might not get your mail for a while, if she is on her ranch next to the one by Harrison Ford's ranch, where he breeds horses. And I don't know where that is, because Marianne went back to sleep again. And she probably wouldn't tell me where that is either!

To: Her Majesty Queen Noor,
The Office of Her Majesty Queen Noor,
Bab Al Salam Palace,
Amman, Jordan

Attn: The Senior Assistant to Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan

P.S. I can't read the zip code, because the ink got blurred. So you'll probably have to ask the post office for that.

sherry... correction!!! my little roomie who wakes me up!!!
Attn: The Senior Assistant to Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan
address ok... but... attn. should read...

attn: hania dakhgan, personal secretary to her majesty queen noor of jordan

& now i'm totally dead 4 giving out my dad's private stuff on the net...

totally... marianne...
criminal law next fall @ harvard... ifffffffffffffff i live that long....
Neat thread! I never saw it before.
I sent Prince Felix of Luxembourg a birthday card back in June, and I got a card back from the Palace. It was computer-written and had no signature on it, so I'm not sure that my card even reached him [probably intercepted by a secretary]. Anyhow, attached are some poor-quality scans of the card I received thanking me [my scanner sucks]. Note- HUGE files. Sorry.

Oh, and for those who don't speak French, the card is basically saying "His Royal Highness wishes to thank you for the kind letter you addressed to him."



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