Largest Age Difference between Siblings

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Jul 10, 2016
Greater Poland
Prince Charles and Prince Edward - 16 years

What else ?
Princess Alexia of Greece and Prince Philipos of Greece - 21 years

Archduke Amadeo and Archduchess Laetitia - 19 (?) years

Crown Princess Margareta and Princess Maria - 15 years
Prince Ernst-August of Hannover (1983) and Princess Alexandra of Hannover (1999) have an age difference of 16 years.

The same Alexandra has an age difference of 15 years with Andrea Casiraghi (1984).
Jazmin Grimaldi and Gabriella & Jaques - 22 years
The age difference between Stéphanie de Luxembourg née comtesse de Lannoy (1984) and her eldest brother Jehan comte de Lannoy (1966) is 18 years.
Princess Mako of Akishino (Japan) and Prince Hisahito of Akishino, 15 years.
Princess Cäcilia zu Leiningen and her half-brother Emich : 22 years.

Infante Don Carlos of Spain, Prince of Asturias, born 8 July 1545

Infanta Maria of Spain: born 14 February 1580

Eldest and youngest child of Philip II of Spain

Age difference: 34 years.



Princess Marie-Louise of Bourbon-Parma (Queen of Bulgaria), born: 17 January 1870

And her halfbrother Prince Gaetano of Bourbon-Parma, born: 11 June 1905

They are the 1st and the 24th child of Duke Roberto I of Parma.

Age difference: 35 years.


The Netherlands:

Crown Prince Willem of The Netherlands, born 4 Sep 1840

Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, born 31 August 1880

Eldest son and only daughter of king Willem III of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Age difference: 39 years (40 minus 5 days)
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I think one of the biggest age differences is the one of
Countess Bigitta Bernadotte af Wisborg (born 1933)
and Countess Diana Bernadotte af Wisborg (born 1982)

age difference 48 years and 11 months
Shouldn't there be two categories here?

1. Largest age difference, both parents in common
2. Largest age difference, one parent in common (most often, but not always, the father)
King Konstantinos I of Greece and Prince Christoforos 20 years.

Nice Thread!! Good idea Koningin!!!
Children of Casimir IV Jagiellon and Elisabeth of Austria:

Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary - born 1 March 1456
Elizabeth Jagiellon - born 13 November 1482

Age difference: 26 years, eight months and 12 days.
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Archduke Amadeo and Archduchess Laetitia - 19 (?) years

17 years i think

Leopold III
oldest child: Josephine Charlotte born 1927 (mother P.Astrid)
youngest: Marie Esmeralda born 1956 (mother Lilian Baels)
29 years

Do illegitimate children count?
in case yes, Leopold II oldest child born 1858, youngest 1907, 49 years in between
Maria of Orange-Nassau (1553) and her youngest sibling Frederik Hendrik of Orange-Nassau (1584): there are 31 years between them.
From one set of parents (Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and Francis I)
Maria Elisabeth 1737-02-05
Maximilian Francis 1756-12-08
2 months short of 20 years

(can i have an honorable mention for my greatgrandparents whose oldest and youngest were 21 years apart :lol:)
Eldest and younger daughters of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert:

Victoria, Princess Royal
- born 1840
Princess Beatrice - born 1857

Age difference: 17 years.
Elisabeth Franziska of Austria - Toskana (1892-1930) and her youngest sister Agnes (1912-1912), 20 years and 5 month.


Franz Joseph of Austria (1830-1916) and his youngest brother Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), 11 years and 9 month.


Maria Theresia of Saxony (born Princess of Toskana) (1767-1827) and her youngest brother Rudolf (1788-1814), 21 years.


Ludwig I. of Bavaria (1786-1868) and Caroline (1810-1821), 23 years and 11 month. They were half-siblings, shared the same father Maximilian I. Joseph of Bavaria.
Eldest and younger daughters of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert:

Victoria, Princess Royal
- born 1840
Princess Beatrice - born 1857

Age difference: 17 years.

16 years and 6 month. Victoria was born in November 1840, Beatrice in April 1857 and became an aunt at the age of not yet 2, when Victoria gave birth to her first child Wilhelm (1859-1941).
The age difference between Stéphanie de Luxembourg née comtesse de Lannoy (1984) and her eldest brother Jehan comte de Lannoy (1966) is 18 years.

So Jehan is in fact old enough to be father to his youngest sibling? He walked Stephanie down the aisle at her wedding in lieu of their ailing father Count Philippe. Count Jehan also caused a bit of a stir on some message boards because he is a rather attractive man, especially in his Belgian Army uniform.;)
King Willem II of the Netherlands and Princess Marianne - 18 years
Theresa, Duchess of Oldenburg 1815-1871
Sofia, Queen of Sweden 1836-1913
A difference of 21 years
Maria Theresia of Toskana (1767-1827) and her youngest brother Rudolf (1788-1814), 21 years and a few days.

Both had 14 silblings.

Parents: Leopold II. Emperor (1747-1792) and Maria Ludovika (1745-1792)

Yes, both died in 1792. Leopold in March, Maria Ludovika in May.


Maria Anna (1738-1789) and her youngest brother Maximilian (1756-1801), 18 years 2 month and 2 days.

Maria Annas elder sister Maria Elisabeth (I. ) (1737-1740) died in childhood.

13 more silblings are there.

Parents. Maria Theresia (1717-1780) and Franz Stephan (1709-1765)
Maria Theresia of Neapel (1772-1807) and her youngest sister Elisabeth (1793-1801). Yes, Elisabeth was born, when Maria Theresia was married and had two children of there own.

21 years and around 6 month.

Maria Theresia was born in June 1772 and Elisabeth in December 1793.

They had 16 siblings, but not all of the are grown up.

Parents: Maria Karolina (1752-1814) and Ferdinand (1751-1825).
Emperor Alexander I of Russia was born in December 1777.
Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich was born in February 1798.
The difference is 21 years 2 months.
They are the sons of Emperor Paul I and Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia.
Tsarevna Anna Ivanovna was born August 10, 1548.
Tsarevich Dmitri Ivanovich was born October 19, 1582.
The age difference is 34 years 2 months.
They are the children of Tsar Ivan IV of Russia.
Shahnaz Pahlavi - born 27 October 1940 (mother: Fawzia bint Fuad, Princess of Egypt)
Leila Pahlavi - born 27 March 1970 (mother: Farah Diba)

Father of both: Mohamed Reza Pahlavi, last Shah of Iran

29 years and 5 months' age difference.

When Leila was born her half-niece Mahnaz Zahedi was 11 years old (born 2 December 1958).

Little Prince Reza and Princess Shahnaz:
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Princess Bianca of Savoy-Aosta (born April 2, 1966) and her half-sister Ginevra Maria Gabriella van Ellinkhuizen (born March 19, 2006).

Age difference: 39 years and 11 months
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