Lalla Soukaina, daughter of Princess Lalla Meryem

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Sorry Amira, Soukaina is a princess. Late King Hassan II, her grandfather, gave her the title of princess.

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i know who are soukeina's parents ...i can assure you that she's not a princess ...i'm moroccan and i know what i'm talknig about !! the king Hassan didn't give her the status of a princess ...

Princess Lalla Soukaïna is the only one of the grandchildren of Hassan II to have this title, so much the late King cherished it.

She actually has the same title as the daughter of every other Princess of Morocco has had for hundreds of years. She is properly titled only Lalla Soukaina Filali not "Princess Lalla." And, she isn't the only grandchild to have this distinction.

is she a royal princess?, because I read that on the photo (above the flowers)I though that princesses's children don't have a title, the only ones who have a title are the children of the king and princes

yes it's the case King Hassan II was so happy with the birth of his first little girl he gived exceptionally for the first time the title of "Altesse Royale" which usually reserved for the crown princes and King's direct daughters

Is there an official source which will give clarity? Although I do not speak Arabic to research official sources, many of the articles in the French-language Moroccan press have indeed referred to her as Princess.
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