King Hussein, Queen Noor & Family: Picture Thread

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I agree with the opinions above of Queen Noor’s autobiography. I would have loved more personal details of everything! Becoming royal, moving to a new country, new religion, creating a family in the midst of former wives and step children etc.

I was surprised to read on these boards that Noor had a very bad relationship with her stepchildren/children. Some not so bad, but others were very bad(“My fathers wife”.)
I don't remember exactly this topic but if you look at it she is only a few years (about 4) older than her oldest stepdaughter. I'm sure that wasn't fun for either of them. Princess Munas kids had her close to care for them, but from interviews and her book it seems something happened with her and Queen Alia children because they got on well when she was dating the king. Then maybe it was having her own children that made them feel left out and far from their father and they blamed her for it. :ermm:
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