King Hussein, Queen Dina & Family: Picture Thread

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Oct 15, 2003
1. in stamp with Queen Dina, his first wife
2. with Dina and newborn, Princess Alia.
3. king Hussein with Queen Dina:
4. with princess Alia al-Hussein


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1. King Hussein with Queen Dina in UK

from brithish pathe

2. before his weding with Dina Abdel HAmid (Queen Dina) in Zahran Palace, Amman

3. KHussein with QDina in a car

4. King Hussein with Princess Alia bint Al Hussein

5. From el mundo: King and Dina

6. King and Dina


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with Princess Alia


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Officials portraits of King Hussein with his first wife, Queen Dina:

From topfoto, gettyimages and corbis.


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with P Alia in 1948-


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Picture of Hussein & Dina taken shortly before their wedding.


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Hussein and Dina may not have had a happy marrriage but they still made a lovely couple.
Princess Dina with Princess Alia


Mystery now surrounds the reported romance of 18 year old King Hussein of Jordan and 21 year old Princess Dina Abdul Hamid, shown here dancing together in London . The Jordan legation in Cairo announced on Sunday that the King would marry the Princess soon after his Coronation on May 11, but this was denied after the King had landed in Rome on his way back to his Capital, Amman, by air . The King first met the beautiful Princess at her fathers home in Cairo . He was then a school boy of 15 . The Princess is the daughter of the Sharif Abdul Hamid . April 7, 1953
H.M. KING HUSSEIN OF JORDAN . on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
H.M. KING HUSSEIN OF JORDAN . on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

cess Dina, 21 year old member of the Arab Royal house of the Hedjaz, was one of the chief guests at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst England, to day when 18 year old King Hussein of Jordan, to whom she is expected to become engaged shortly, took part in the Sovereigns Parade (Passing out parade) Taken by General Sir John Harding, chief of the Imperial General Staff . On the parade, 256 officer cadets passed out of commissions, February 5, 1953 .
H.R.H. PRINCESS DINA . on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Dina is so beautiful , she has stunning oriental features
:huh:a very interesting newspaper article on their divorce rumours. It is reported that the court denies it. But we know it's true now ;)
Sarasota Journal - Google News Archive Search
I think Queen Dina was an elegant woman but not suitable for king hussein then and he was too young when they got married.
Thanks ! never seen before ! she reminds me of princess Noor Asem

yes for real she reminds me too of princess noor asem ,, i feel sorry for princess dina she has alzheimer disease now :sad:

thank you all for posting these pictures for princess Dina i've never seen them before she is beautiful indeed. and princess alia looks so much like her mother.
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Princess Alia:
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Very beautiful when she young ! Princess Haya bint Hamzah look like her too much in 2nd picture:p. I think Princess Alia , Haya bint Hussein and Hamzah look like each other.

Very Very Beautiful Pictures , She Was Amazing When She Was Young Very Cute , Yes Right She Looks Like Princess Haya Bint Hamzah , I Like These Pics Very , Thank you Burzg :flowers:
Great pictures, she is adorable indeed :D
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