King Harald and Queen Sonja : Juanuary-December 2007

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Queen helps launch a year of Grieg celebrations
Last year Norway celebrated its famous playwriter Henrik Ibsen and this year it's composer Edvard Grieg's turn. Queen Sonja was among those kicking off the first of many events honouring Grieg's work.

Read the full Article and see a Picture here.

(The Queen wore something black, blue (with glitters) and pink :rolleyes: .)
Royal Palace also suffers personnel problems -

I've just read this article on Queen Sonja . It's a bit old but I though wanted to discuss it .

Maybe I didn't understand the article well, but I'm not sure ...

I wonder why on earth does Sonja need so many people aroud her . Can't she decide by herself what she wants to wear to look "correct" ???????
And the story about the woman who worked too much ...
I've always loved Queen Sonja but what's mentioned here makes me think ...:rolleyes:
Maybe some rumours about her being a somewhat hard person are true, after all ...:unsure:
I have just found a video of King Harald and Queen Sonja
Side 2
Can someone tell me what Harald is saying please :)
Can someone translate what is the King saying, please?

To me it seems he is saying the same in the first part but with a different order.

Thanks in advance :flowers:
I ,too, would like to know what the king was saying . Can someone help us, please ?:flowers:
Her majesty Queen Sonja from Norway (R) poses with Christoph Vitali, director of Beyeler Fondation in front of the artwork 'Asgardstrand' (1902) of Edvard Munch, during the Queen's visit at the Beyeler Foundation in Riehen, Switzerland, Saturday, 17 March, 2007. The Fondation Beyeler is devoting the first special exhibition in its jubilee year to the Norwegian painter and graphic artist Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944).

ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank:lol:
she looks more beautiful today !!!!!!!!
Thanks for the pictures.
norwegianne said:
King Harald visited Radium Hospitalet (The radiation hospital, where cancer patients are treated) on its 75th birthday: Kongen feiret Radiumhospitalet
It's funny to see the King holding this lovely Flower bouquet.
I think this event was origianally planned for the Queen. :rolleyes:

Today Abel Laureate Srinivasa S. R. Varadhan had an audience with their Majesties:
Preview of 'alle 20070522-047d.jpg' - FotoWeb® 2.7
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Preview of 'alle 20070522-047b.jpg' - FotoWeb® 2.7

I like this soft colour the Queen is wearing. It looks much better then this pink-shining galadress she wore for the portrait! :rolleyes:
Queen Sonja at Oslo University
OSLO 2007-05-22. *** NORWAY OUT *** Queen Sonja of Norway attends a prizegiving ceremony at the University of Oslo

Queen Sonja
Sonja in red
HM looks nice in red!

BERGEN King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway attending the festivalf of the city of Bergen, Norway, May 23, 2007.

The Royal Couple
King & Queen
The Queen
Royal Couple
Royal couple meeting people

It seems the Queen got a new huge hat. It suits her. She looks elegant in black.

Abel Prize dinner at Akershus
OSLO 2007-05-22. *** NORWAY OUT *** Queen Sonja and King Harald of Norway attend a dinner honouring the winner of the Abel prize at Akershus Palace

King & Queen
King & Queen
Her Majesty
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Tai Lihua (R), head of China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe, who is also a famous disabled dancer, presents a gift to Norway's Queen Sonja after the troupe's performance in Oslo, capital of Norway, May 29, 2007

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Prince Charles, The Duke of Rothesay, and The Duchess of Rothesay join HM Queen Sonja of Norway to open the New Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick, Shetland.


Charles and Camilla
Charles, Camilla and HM Queen Sonja
Queen Sonja and Duchess camilla
The British Couple and the Queen of Norway


The Queen earlier today:
Queen Sonja of Norway stands next to the Shetland Bus memorial in the town of Scalloway, Scotland Thursday May 31, 2007. The Scalloway fishing port operated a clandestine naval operation with Norway during the Second World War, known as The Shetland Bus.
Queen Sonja (beautiful picture :) )
holding a speech


Article and picture without watermark:
På jobb med Camilla - Forsiden -
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Does anyone know the King's eye color? They look really pale especially his biography photo on Wikipedia. Thanks.
24-08-07 Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja at the opening of the newly renovated Bygdø Kongsgård on Friday

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ANP Beeldbank

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ANP Beeldbank

The Castel:
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ANP Beeldbank

more Information about the Norwegian Palaces and Castels can be found here:

Queen Sonja's annual International Music competition: Baritone from the North sings his way to victory
Baritone from the north sings his way to victory -
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OSLO 200709018 On Tuesday Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg handed over the Governments gift to King Harald and Queen Sonja which they got on their respectively 70'th birthdays. It was the restauration of Dronningberget 'The Queen's montain'. The ceremony included the uncovering of the restored Wedel monument at Dronningberget.

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ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
I just don´t get it, how a person can be so stylish and pretty in this age. Queen Sonja is a very interesting person.
Wow beautiful photo on Wenche Foss and Queen Sonja. It is see out they is good friends!!! Wenche Foss have visit Queen Sonja 2005/2006. Wenche Foss 90th birthday on dec. They is happy and beautiful dress on Queen!!!
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