King Harald and Queen Sonja Current Events, Part 2: February 2015 - December 2020

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King Harald and Queen Sonja Current Events, Part 2

February 2015

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I saw on twitter that Harald is heading to Cape Town to meet with Sonja and then continue to Australia for their state visit

I guess it would be too much travel to go back to Norway. makes sense

Sidsel Wold ‏@SidselWold Feb 13 @Doremus42 Kongen er på vei til Cape Town for å møte Sonja, så reiser de til Australia. Kronprinsen styrer butikken nå. @andersheger
Thanks Iceflower and Polyesco. :flowers:

Yes, Norway fought hard on 9th April and the following couple of months. And they suffered consequently.
That included the not very likable character, Quisling, usurping power in Norway. Unfortunately for him, not even the Germans bothered to take him seriously... But the Norwegians had to...

ADDED: The Norwegian soldiers fighting around Oslo, allowed time for all the Norwegian gold reserves to be shipped out of the capital. And in a race with the German forces the 49 tonnes of gold were transported up through Norway and shipped despite attacks from Luftwaffe and German u-boats to Britain.
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King and Queen visit to Finnmark: June 16 - 18, 2015

Their Majesties The King and Queen visit Finnmark
16th - June 18th 2015

The county visit includes the municipalities Kvalsund Måsøy Lebesby, Gamvik and Nesseby.

For more information click here
The Queen of Denmark will join Queen Sonja at the opening of an exhibition next week:

12.06.2015 Exhibition
Their Majesties Queen Margrethe and Queen Sonja open the exhibition "From Mountains and Coast" at Baroniet Rosendal in Hardanger (14:30).

Yesterday afternoon, June 10, King Harald attended the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Prize Peace Centre in Oslo:

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