King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and Silvia Sommerlath: June 19, 1976

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OK here they are, the guests:
sitting: Soh
phie Sommerlath, Carmita Sommerlath, Amelie Middelschulte, The Queen, The King, Hubertus von Hohenzollern, Helene Silverschöld and James Ambler.
1 standing frm left: King Baudouin, President Kristján Eldjárn (Iceland), President Uhro Kekkonen (Finland), Alice and Walther Sommerlath, prince Bertil, Queen Ingrid, King Olav, Queen Margrethe.
2 standing from left: Queen Fabiola, Halldora Eldján, Princess Christina, Princess Désirée, Princess Margaretha, Josephine-Charlotte and Jean of Luxemburg, prince Henrik, president Walter Scheel.
3 standing from left: Walther Sommerlath, Michéle Sommerlath, Niclas Silverschöld, prins Johann Georg von Hohenzollern, Charlotte Sommerlath, John Ambler, Tord Magnusson, Ralf Sommerlath, Jörg Sommerlath and Mildred Scheel
at what time was the wedding
was it a lunch wedding and thats why no gala wedding?
it is known what kind of wedding gifts there were?
has the wedding dress been shown to the public after the wedding
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Hi Merry, thanks for the video on the gala concert! It was a well done performance... by a pop band for a King & Queen! I mean I don't know about other gala concerts for royal weddings but this one's unique!

Dear Princess_Beatrix, I wonder if you found any pictures on Queen Silvia for her gala concert yet? If you search IBL Bildbyrå - Royaltyfria bilder, historiska bilder, illustrationsbilder med mera., there're maybe a couple of them. Sorry I'm too lazy to post the picture. ;)
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I remember seeing the entire ceremony on Eurovision, it seems like yesterday!!! Silvia was so much more beautiful than Victoria (sorry Victoria fans)
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Queen Silvia was a stunning classic beauty, the same simply cannot be said for Victoria.
Her historic veil, first worn by Queen Sofia of Sweden (1836-1913) is still one of the most beautiful veils worn by any Royal bride, IMHO. It was placed and folded on top in such an immaculate way – great backview of it in the pic posted by SilviaCarlGustaf.
Here’s another one - ‘The look of love’ upon returning to the Palace after the ceremony :):
And one detail I’ve been wondering about: Apart from being very clear in this following pic that Marc Bohan did NOT design the dress keeping in mind that the bride would have to be able to lift her arm and wave :rolleyes:, what on earth is Queen Silvia wearing around her right arm under the sleeve? A rubberband holding a tissue :blink:????
Oh! Indeed it seems to be that, Boris!...
Forewarned is forearmed ;)

IIRC she talked about that tissue in a book about her and said that her mother had insisted she take a tissue in case she needed it but there was not other way to take it... And that she in fact needed it.
That look at the steps Silvia had on her face was almost identical to the one she threw at K Carl Gustav when they pronouced "Ja" and in an instant she was transformed from a commoner to a Queen. I always believed she did him proud and I am sure no matter the ups and downs he could have never regretted his choice. ( He also was a very handsome man these days)
Great thread!
I am certain that the house of Dior designed the wedding gown. Pre-wedding there were photos of Silvia in Paris shopping and getting gown fittings and Dior was always mentioned.
I think that the style is too plain and the cut of the neckline is unattractive,
but the gown has held up over time and certainly doesn't look dated -- it is a classic design.
I think that the gown was designed very simply so as not to detract from the magnificent veil and tiara.
But, let's face it - Silvia could have worn a flour sack and still looked gorgeous. She is a beautiful woman.
Yes, as mentioned before, the dress is by Marc Bohan for Dior. Apart from the wedding dress, he did most of her evening gowns in her first year as Queen.
While being a bit too plain indeed, the silhouette is actually beautiful - if the bride didn't have too move, that is. Bohan could have done better because the tailoring around the top and the sleeves is quite tight and doesn't allow for getting in and out of a carriage or waving etc. - and this wedding had more 'moving around' scheduled than any other:
Providing beautiful photo opportunities, after the ceremony the couple first went by carriage through the streets of Stockholm to the Royal Barge, then took the Barge back and made the long walk up to the Palace by foot... this program needed a dress to allow for more movement.
Queen Silvia has said it was her who insisted on simplicity as she wanted to put the emphasis on the tiara and the historic veil - the right idea since the elaborate lace would have looked fussy with an elaborate gown, but especially that high round neckline is unflattering.
But indeed, it's so 'classic' that it somehow holds up, plus the heavy silk duchesse fabric is exquisite.
I was curious to see Silivas wedding pictures, for a woman in her 60's she is beautiful. She was a very simple beautiful bride.
Exactly 34 years to the day the eldest daughter of TM King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia
will marry her Daniel Westling at the Storkyrken,Stockholm...lovely!

June 19th 1976 - june 19th 2010.:)
How sweet they are on these wedding photos... these lovely smiles...
it is known what kind of wedding gifts there were?
has the wedding dress been shown to the public after the wedding
Yes, the wedding dress - plus those of the bridesmaids - was on display in an extra room at the 2006 exhibition of Queen Silvia's Nobel gowns at Stockholm Palace.

picture of Silvia weddingdress
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Yes, the wedding dress - plus those of the bridesmaids - was on display in an extra room at the 2006 exhibition of Queen Silvia's Nobel gowns at Stockholm Palace.

And I wisited the exhibition and the wedding dress was sooooooo small!! The nobel dresses was dispalyed on an "cat walk" in glass and made a "bigger" impression, but the wedding dress was standing on the floor... the Queen must be a v petit woman, v short... (at least compared to me, Im 170 cm) :flowers:
I am sorry ,but I do not like the wedding dress,because it is too simple for my taste
I am sorry ,but I do not like the wedding dress,because it is too simple for my taste

Silvia's weddingdress is a masterpiece of style, classicism and haute couture like the one Margerethe of Denmark wore. My personal favorite is Mette-Marit's, classic and stylish.

I am aware that you prefer the "wedding cake" style of Diana, Grace and Mary.

Well, Chacun son goût :angel:
With so much attention on the upcoming weddings of the Swedish princesses, there has been speculation of where Madeleine's wedding will be held while it seems general consensus that Victoria will be married in Storkyrkan Cathedral. Why is Vic's wedding relegated to this cathedral? Is it because of history? Because it is in the capital? Because it is the largest? (Personally I think that Uppsala has a more attractive interior)

Also when looking back at the last royal wedding in Storkyrkan (Carl Gustaf & Silvia), it's hard to tell from pictures but it seems like there are rows of seating behind the columns on either side of the altar as well as the rows facing the altar on either side of the main aisle. Can anyone confirm this?

I've looked everywhere I can find about the seating capacity or general floor plan Storkyrkan and can't find anything. Does anyone know how many people the cathedral holds normally and how many for high profile events like a royal wedding?

Thanks for any help on these questions!

Sorry, I forgot to ask about the number of guests who actually attended CG & Silvia's wedding. There is pretty good documentation of the higher-ranking royals attending and some of the less prominent royals can be spotted in some of the pictures. But the presidents of Nordic/Scandinavian countries were included in some of the pictures, which made me wonder about other presidents and prime ministers as guests. For example, did Germany or Brazil send any official representatives (were they invited?)

Also, anyone who is well-versed in protocol & order of precedence might be able to answer this - It appears that monarchs were seated on the groom's side and royal heirs were seated on the bride's side behind her family. If Silvia had a larger family would the heirs have been moved?

What about members of the Riksdag? Were they invited? If they attended, where would they have been seated? In terms of protocol & precedence, in the main seating gallery who would be seated first row, second row, etc. if the guests included royals who were not heirs or monarchs, royals from non-reigning families, heads of state/representatives from other countries, representatives from the Swedish government, friends of CG & Silvia who were neither royal nor members of parliament?

Sorry, about all the questions, but I've been in this thought stream about the Mashall of the Realm or whoever it is that has to plan for the upcoming weddings. I bet they need a vacation after the 2010 weddings are done!

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As for Victorias Wedding it was already officially announced that the Wedding will take place at the Cathedral of Stockholm. I think most monarchs who married in Sweden married in this Church so it is the tradtional Wedding Church.
As for Presidents who attended Germany was represented by the then german Bundespräsident Walter Scheel and his wife Mildred. Also the Presidents of iceland and Finaldn attended. The where seated between the other royal Guests in the Church.
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At the wedding between the King and Silvia Sommerlath there where about 1200 guests in Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) and the church was more then full. There are rows of seats on either side of the aisle but not at the side of the altar - there are a small chapel on one side and the statue of St George and the dragon on the other side.
Here´s a link to a picture of the interior from wikipedia
Fil:Stockholm-Storkyrkan 02.jpg - Wikipedia
Thanks for the response, rop81. I really appreciate it. I can only assume from your information and the pictures of the 1976 wedding that the guests I thought were on the side were seated in the chapel (?) and that the section with the large statue was behind the press corps scaffold on the other side. Your info has helped clear up a lot. Thanks again!

The pair is Silvia's brother Ralf Sommerlath and his wife. I think her name is Simone.
All of the wedding pictures are excellent. Most of the pictures accessible on the internet were either too small in size or blurry to actually capture the moment and enjoy. Thank you for sharing these pictures "STEVEN."
which was the theatre where Abba performed to King C-G and his fiancee?
Abba took part in celebrating the wedding at the Royal Opera house wich lies across the water from the royal palace.
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