King Albrekt (1338-1412) and Wifes (Richardis of Schwerin & Agnes of Brunswick-Lüne)

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Jan 9, 2013
King Albrekt (1338-1412) and Wifes (Richardis of Schwerin & Agnes of Brunswick-Lüne)

Albert (German: Albrecht, Swedish: Albrekt av Mecklenburg; c. 1338 – 1 April 1412) was King of Sweden from 1364 to 1389 and Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin from 1384 to 1412.,_King_of_Sweden

King of Sweden:
Reign: 1364–1389
Coronation: 18 February 1364
Predecessor: Magnus IV and Haakon
Successor: Margaret

Born: c. 1338, Mecklenburg
Died: 1 April 1412 (aged 73–74), Doberan Abbey
Burial: Doberan Abbey
Spouses: Richardis of Schwerin
Agnes of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Issue: Eric, Lord of Gotland
Richardis Catherine, Duchess of Görlitz
Albert V, Duke of Mecklenburg
House: House of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Father: Albert II, Duke of Mecklenburg
Mother: Euphemia of Sweden
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Richardis of Schwerin, Queen of Sweden:
Richardis of Schwerin (Swedish: Rikardis; 1347 – April 23 or July 11, 1377) was Queen of Sweden as the consort of King Albert.,_Queen_of_Sweden

Queen consort of Sweden:
Tenure: 1365–1377
Born: c. 1347, Schwerin?
Died: 23 April/11 July 1377 (aged 29–30), Stockholm
Burial: Stockholm Dominican Church
Spouse: Albert, King of Sweden
Issue: Eric I, Duke of Mecklenburg
Richardis Catherine, Duchess of Görlitz
House: House of Hagen
Father: Otto I, Count of Schwerin
Mother: Matilda of Mecklenburg-Werle
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Agnes of Brunswick-Lüneburg:
Agnes married a third time in Schwerin, on 12/13 February 1396 to the widowed former King Albert of Sweden, who at that time was Duke Albert III of Mecklenburg (b. c.1338 – d.1412). The couple had one son: Albert V (d.1423), who was Duke of Mecklenburg and Schwerin.

Agnes is not considered a Queen of Sweden, because Albert had definitely been deposed in Sweden before they were married, but in Mecklenburg she was regarded as titular queen, since Albert did not renounce his claims on Sweden until 1405.

Agnes died between 1 August 1430 and 22 December 1434 and was buried in Gadebusch.
King Albert worked to improve infrastructure and transportation. He encouraged the development of roads and waterways that would facilitate the movement of goods and people throughout the kingdom of Sweden.
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