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Nov 25, 2003
Hurrah for Ingrid Alexandra!

Princess Ingrid Alexandra turns 1 years old. 21st January.

The day will be celebrated with a family party at Skaugum.

Since the birth the Norwegian people could have followed the little prinecss’ developement.

The first official picture was taken by dad when the heir was only a few hours old. And no doubt this was a daddys girl. The little baby was the spitting image of her dad as a newborn.

Her first official TV-appearance the little princess had 11 days old. Dressed in a white pair of rompers (overall) she met the press at Skaugum, and accepted both flashes and bright TV lights without making a sound.

During the christening in the palace chappel three months later the public heard that there really was sound in the little lady. Dressed in here great grandfather, King Olavs more than 100 years old christening dress, she screamed highly on her grandfathers arm when she was christened by bishop Gunnar Stålsett. Later there have been a lot of pictures of the little princess, that with her joyful being and her big brown eyes charms everyone she mets. (NTB)

I found this article on and I translated it myself, so its not very good, but it conveys its meaning I think!
Pictures taken yesterday:



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More pictures:



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And the four last pictures from VG's series/SCANPIX

I kind of like the second one best. Ingrid Alexandra has developed a character of her own, and you can see she's going to have a sense of humour when she grows up. (And has one already.)

Happy birthday to Ingrid Alexandra.


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Thanks for the pictures, norwegianne.
I wonder if those pictures are the official birthday pictures, or if we also get to see pictures of Ingrid Alexandra inside (getting gifts, trying to blow out the candle on the cake). Well, I could understand, if Haakon and MM would want to keep that private. It was already very nice of them, that they have shared so many pictures of Ingrid´s first year with us.
Nice to see that Marius (with a cute tooth space, it seems) is so very fond of his younger half sister and cares for her. No sign of jealousy. Haakon and MM are great parents!
Royal Sledding

(VG Nett) Princess Ingrid Alexandra enjoyed the sledding at Skaugum with her big brother Marius yesterday.

As all other families with a one year old, the parents and grandparents were obviously charmed asunder. Ingrid Alexandra seemed to enjoy the sled, some on her own, and some with her big brother safely behind.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ingrid Alexandra's birth, and the birthday will be celebrated with a family party at Skaugum.

Mummy Mette-Marit will be travelling to Malawi in Africa on Sunday, to study the HIV/AIDS-work in the country. Daddy Haakon will stay home to look after the two children.

Thank you so much for the link to the videos...this is too cute. I really recommend to register and watch it (especially the one of Ingrid Alexandra playing)
What fantastic photos! Wonderful! This little princess is, for me, the very cutest of all the little royal babies. What a doll!
Very adorable pictures -- thank you for sharing them norwegianne! :)

The picture of Ingrid Alexanda on the sled with her stuffed animal sitting behind her is priceless!

Wish I could have a hat like Ingrid Alexandra's! :p
Great pictures Norwegianne. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Those pictures are absolutely adorable. Thank you for posting them.

My favorite is the one of Ingrid and Marius sitting on the sled together and she is looking back at him. Too cute.
Additional pictures of Ingrid Alexandra's first birthday.

Courtesy of the Glittering Royal Events MB. :)
The picture of Ingrid Alexandra lying sprawled on her tummy is adorable!

ETA: Pictures from ANB


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Baby+ Teddy Bear= Cute. Supper cute. Wonderful photos. Thanks for posting them.
The pictures are very cute! Thanks also from me for posting them :D
She makes everyone smiling.
Alexandria said:
Additional pictures of Ingrid Alexandra's first birthday.

Courtesy of the Glittering Royal Events MB. :)
The picture of Ingrid Alexandra lying sprawled on her tummy is adorable!
Thanks for these photos. She looks so cute there. I like that look of wonder or bemusement in the first photo.
I really love the photo when both Marius and Ingrid Alexandra are sitting on the sleigh and she has turned her head back to look at Marius. Prizeless!! And I wonder if there will be a crisis if the teddy is misplaced:) She must love it dearly since it comes along everywhere:D
And as you can see the Teddy bear is featured promenetly also in that video:D

Here are more of the pictures taken inside Skaugum
1-5 from ANB 6-7 from


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You have to register to see it but at there's a video of her playing the snow with her brother, parents, and grandparents.
Absolutely wonderful pictures! I love her little apple blossom cheeks! :D Thanks for posting them. And yes Lena, I agree - posting different kinds of media (like film clips) on the official websites is the future - or so I hope.
Larzen said:
And as you can see the Teddy bear is featured promenetly also in that video:D
Yeah. Teddy Bears Rock! Bears rock too!
Oh, she's so cute, and she must love that Teddy Bear. Thanks Lena for the video, and thanks Larzen for the photos.
The pictures are really cute!

My favourite has got to be the one where she's looking back at Marius on the sledge, she must love her big brother.

Although I've always thought she looks a lot like Haakon, I can see a few resemblances to Mette-Marit in some of the photos, particularly the one where she's lying on her tummy and laughing. I think it must be the expression of her laughing?
more pics from

Happy Birthday to the cutest princess. May God Bless Her...


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