Im So Happy Bcoz Of This Forum

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shy andy

Apr 8, 2007
San Francisco
United States
Excuse my ignorance if I choose to post here, but IM SO SO VERY VERY HAPPY that I discovered this site. Ever since I watched the wedding of Princess Diana in 1981, Ive been hooked on royalty.

This site is really very informative and entertaining. Thank you to the creators and moderators. Such a lovely group.

More news and more pictures.

Let us support all the monarchies in the world!

:flowers: :flowers:
Welcome to the forum, Shy Andy!

Take a look around and join in on the fun!:flowers:
Welcome shy andy!, I know what you feel, Im so happy too.. :lol:
Welcome! I only discovered the forums a short time ago, and I am having the time of my life! I feel really welcome here, like I'm among a bunch of old friends. I also found that I'm not the only person in the world who loves royals! So I hope you have fun here.
I love this forum too! All the latest royal events covered so quickly and such knowledgeable folks.
I know! Sometimes I wonder how they get all of the information
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