How / Why did you get interested in royalty?

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Jan 28, 2003
I remember that I´ve asked once, if you think that Royal-watching is embarrassing or not. And now I want do know, why are you interested in Royals?

For myself I guess it´s the community...if I wouldn´t find people, with which I could discuss Royal stuff, I probably wouldn´t be that interested anymore. When I was younger I was caught of all this glamour and the pure princessy image...but today I see them more as ordinary people (not as "Saints" anymore), who do interesting things, caused through their roles, upbringing etc.
But the community is surely the biggest factor. It´s as if you would immerse in a completely quiet own little world, where you know the "rules of the game" and where you can relax.
I started out being interested in royalty from a purely historical viewpoint, how royal families fit into (or sometimes, don't) into their countries' histories, how they are viewed by the citizens, etc. After that, I became more interested in royals themselves as persons, and finally I developed an interest in jewels and regalia as symbols of monarchy. At this stage in my life, it's more of an interest in them as personalities, rather than as political figures or heads of governments. I find them fascinating and intriguing, even more than movie stars or rock singers, simply because of the history of the various houses. :heart:
i started to like royals because i'm very interested in protocol. and who does it better than royals? then i became a big fan of some princesses and princes (and also a big fan of royal outfits and gala dresses...... :p )
OK, OK, I'm shallow :lol: I love the jewelry, the clothes, the pagentry, the gossip. I'm just learning about the political side of European royalty and the others (I'm well aquainted with England's politics) and that is very interesting....
I don't know why I am interested in royalty.Maybe because they lead the life I want.(besides the stalking and stuff)It's only embarassing if my little sister watches me when I am on the computer.She thinks i'm weird. :p
I LOVE CASTLES!!! Well apart from that I guess ever since i was young the 'royal' world was somewhat out of this planet...i know silly me....but in someways i still perceive it to be's like i'm watching a movie with lots of balls and beautiful gowns and romance....hahahaha only it's reality and i guess that's what makes it so intriguing that this world actually exists...hahaha...i'm not making sense am i? it's really hard to explain why i love Royal houses apart from the fact i love castles hahaaha
My mom had bought the commemorative book on Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding. A year later I was born and grew up looking through that book. Then seeing Prince William is the same age as me it's like I grew up with him. Then like Jackswife I started to look at their family as how they fit into their history. It wasn't until recently that I branched out and studied other royals outside of the Windsors.
Being interested in royalty is kinda of a new thing for me. It started last year, when I would read the stories at from Hello!. Up until then the only royal I knew anything about was Princes Diana...and even then I did not know much. Many of the stories mentioned various royals and I found a section on the website with short profiles and pictures of several royals from around the world. I started to look up some of the royals on this web and found Les Tribunes Royales! At first I would visit the site every now and then, finally I started to visit the site almost everyday. Now I have been a member for close to a year and I have made over 100 posts. My family has made jokes about me being a princess since I was a little girl...mainly beause I never really liked to help around the house other than with babysitting my sisters. My family knows that I like royalty, but they definitly do not know that I am a member of a web forum about royalty. As for my friends, they don't really know about my interest in royals. But they sometimes tease my too, saying I am a princess because I like to shop and travel.
I'm interested in history, fashion, and fashion history so royal watching is lots of fun. I really like watching these women, who are often real "ladies," dress so elegantly. I'd much rather say, "She was lovely in her gown at the wedding!" than "She really shook her booty at the Oscars!" This is what "class" is about. For me, these are the real red carpets!
My mom got me hooked by reading biographies of royals. At a tender age of 10, I started reading a royal biography of Queen Victoria and was hooked! Diana and Charles' Wedding cemented the interest when I was 13. I find the history, protocol, and the more fun stuff like jewelry and fashion so interesting!!
A great interest in history, politics, and cultures of the world. Also the glamour and the great personalities(their interests for example) of the various royals in general.
Originally posted by hillary_nugent@May 30th, 2004 - 8:38 pm
Dennism you said it all ^__^ PLUS CASTLES ^________^
Yes. Castles are good. I often spend a lot of time on trips looking at castles and cathedrals. I just love looking at them.
AWWWWWWWWWw you are sooooo lucky Dennism!!! i have not yet one castle at all!!! how many have you seen??? i love the French casltes ^___^
i am only interested in the monaco house and that started when a friend of mine showed me a picture of andrea. Now i my taste has changed and am i a big fan of pierre. ;)
Eh, I love the castles too~ But also, I love protocol, crowns, history, the houses and their inter-marriage, their style and grace, their moral sense (most of them) and their mystique. Queen Elizabeth II is the royal of all royals, they have the best protocol and everything is still very much tradition for them. Not only is she the last crowned royal, she wears a crown very often...state opening of parliament. BTW I think my least favorite crown is the Imperial State Crown....

BTW~~~~~~~~~~ I GET TO GO TO FRANCE IN FIVE DAYS WOOHOO! VERSAILLES HERE I COME! I think I get to go to Fontainbleau as well....

A friend of mine's family was going to buy a Chateau in Biarritz France a couple of years ago, then the French didn't back the USA and they didn't buy it :( Just think, I could be spending my summers in a castle...
Why I'm a royaltyfan???Well because of the glamour and glitter (oh boy I love those tiara-events) the castles (oh how romantic), the protocol and etiquette, their interests.....
When I was a little girl I thought castles were like dragons-they were make-believe. Nonetheless, this didn't stop me from truly believing I was a princess. I thought I had to go through the motions of a girl living in the countryside in order to learn the importance of hard work and humility. (my disillusioned childhood fantasy is a direct result of too little television and too much free time to let my imagination run feverishly wild :blush: )

Although I am American, I have traveled extensively throughout Europe. I think my European vacations are what have kept me interested in the fairytale-like mindset of my childhood.
my interest in Royalty is more from an historical aspect, I'm interested in the history of the royal houses both reigning and non reigning as well as their protocol, palaces, pagentry and interaction with each other over the centuries.

However I still find todays Royalty very interesting and try to keep up with whats happening in each Royal house etc....
What got you hooked on Royal Watching?

I thought it would be interesting to find out how members became hooked on Royal Watching?

I still remember when I was about 10 years old that my grandmother would read everything she found on Juan Carlos and Sofia. She collected the Hola's. I think that is when I started reading about royalty. Then came Dianamania. I collected everything I could find. I have albums full of pictures I collected when I was a teen.
im so sure i never been watch Royals wedding but they later in 1999 my aunt copy wedding tapes of Earl and Countess of Wessex's wedding five years ago its my first time to watch that tapes its really beautiful ceremony and more respectfully! when i was 18 year old i watch that tapes they wont forget it! but thankness godness to watch that!

when i was baby at around 2 month old my mom watch Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer's wedding in 1981 she watch on television i told her about did my mom watch Prince Charles and Diana,Princess of Wales's wedding in 1981? my mom said YES! i said OH!

when i starting been collecting of Royals since Princess Diana's death for almost 8 years but i love to read about Hello!, Royalty magazine and Majesty magazine about Princess Diana she very popular Princess than Countess of Wessex.

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When i first laid eyes on Pierre Casiraghi....*sighs...* from that moment on i couldn't turn my back on the royal world hahaha
Saw a picture of Prince Ali taken during the late 90s/early 2000, and have been a follower of royalty ever since.
Well ever since we were small, our grandmother has been a very Royal person, who knew a lot about it and had video and everything....we wasn't really hooked by that time, but we've always been interested in the Royal families!

Then when CP Frederik and Mary got married in May, we were in Copenhagen outside the church and saw all the Royalties and so - and then we were totally hooked :D
We've gotten a big picture collection with Royalties and some other stuff too, and it keeps on growing :D
I started when my mom bought me a book on the wedding ceremony of Charles and Diana...since then at a tender age of 9yrs i've been hook on royals but only with the British royals cos then I just loved Diana's fashion. Later, I came across the magazine Royalty and the rest was history!
Well I suspect it started with the old copies of magazines at our cabin in the mountains. Lots of old pictures of royalty. Then my great-aunt had some royal books, I just had to read. Then there was the library's selection of them... well, basically I've been hooked since.
As far back as I can remember, I've always been interested, which I think I got from my mother. Just watching them on television and what can be found in newspapers and magazines.
Eliza said:
I started when my mom bought me a book on the wedding ceremony of Charles and Diana...since then at a tender age of 9yrs i've been hook on royals but only with the British royals cos then I just loved Diana's fashion. Later, I came across the magazine Royalty and the rest was history!

i agree with you!

Princess Diana have famous dress for long time when she got married to Prince Charles in 1981 they later Diana got divorces she known as Diana,Princess of Wales but she been collectors dress at her old home in Kensington Palace and her childhood home to display of dresses they wont touch her dresses because its worth dresses.

she have daytimes dresses also and hats too! at Althorp

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I'm not a royalist at all but I like to study kings and queens. My interest was started a long time ago by Queen Victoria. I was interested that this very young woman was head of a very powerful country and that she had considerable power herself.

I've read almost every book written about Queen Victoria and still find her one of the most interesting people ever. She may have been poorly educated, but she was an intelligent woman and had the great fortune to marry Albert who more than anyone was the architect of the monarchy as it is today in Great Britain.
Are most of people monarchists now that they're fans of royals? i love certain royals but i'm still not certain if i would want Australia to still be part of the Commonwealth...
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