How Many Children Will They Have?

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Chris & Madeleine: 2
Victoria and Daniel: One more
Stéphanie and Guillaume: 5 :)
Just for fun, I'll do an update of mine.

Belgium - done

Denmark - done

Great Britain
William & Kate - 2 for them
Peter & Autumn - 1 more for them
Zara & Mike - 2 for them

Nikolaos & Tatiana - 1 for them

done, although you never know with Tatjana & Philipp

Guillaume & Stéphanie - 4 for them
Louis & Tessy - 1 more for them

Albert & Charlene - 1 for them
Andrea & Tatiana - 2 for them

Netherlands - done

Norway - done

Spain - done

Victoria & Daniel - that's a though one but I'll stick with what I said before, 2 more for them
Madeleine & Chris - 2 for them
Victoria & Daniel - 1 more
Madeleine & Chris - 2
Guillaume & Stephanie - 3
Albert & Charlene - 1
William & Catherine - 2
• Victoria and Daniel: I think it's tough because I could totally picture Estelle as an only-child, but because Victoria is the Crown Princess and because it's obvious that she and Daniel are over-the-moon in-love, I think they're gonna have 1, maybe 2 more.
• Madeleine and Chris: 2 children, I think that's a decent number.
• Frederik and Mary: Are done, sadly I'm fairly sure of that.
• Joachim and Marie: I'm pretty sure they're done too, but it wouldn't surprise me if they'll try for a third child, it would be easy enough for Joachim to say he's done after four children, but Marie only have two so I guess there's an opportunity.
• Albert and Charlene: I somehow doubt they're gonna have more than 1 child, but I'm sure that they will produce at least one to ensure the throne.
• Guillaume and Stéphanie: I could picture them having a lot of children, they come from families with a lot of children themselves, so. I'm thinking 4 or 5.
• William and Catherine: I think they're gonna have a family of at least 3, they both love family life and I think 3-4 children would suit them just great.
• Peter and Autumn: I think they're gonna try out for a boy, so 1 more.
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from the first years of marriage, current newlywed and upcoming couples.

Victoria and Daniel: Estelle and 2 more siblings (to be honest, if Victoria has a Boy next, i doubt she'll have more children, but if a girl comes next, im sure she'll try again to have a boy)
Madeleine and Chris: 2 children (either 2 boys or 2 girls)
Charlene and Albert: 2 children (1 boy & 1 girl)
William and Catherine: 2 children (2 boys)
Guillaume and Stephanie: 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls)
Jigme Khesar and Jetsun Pema: 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls)
Billah and Sarah: Muntaqim, Muneraah and 3 more siblings (2 girls & 1 boy)
Hafizah and Muhammad: 3 children (2 girls & 1 boy)
Nikolaos and Tatiana: 4 children (3 boys & 1 girl)
Peter and Autunm: Savannah, Isla and 1 more kid (a boy)
Louis and Tessy: Gabriel, Noah and 3 more children (1 boy & 2 girls)
Andrea and Tatjana: 2 children (1 boy & 1 girl)
Zara and Mike: 2 children (1 boy & 1 girl)

Belgium, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Morocco, Denmark are all done. however, even if i think Marie and Mary are done, it wouldnt surprise me if they were to get pregnant again. a surprise pregnancy would definately be of Letizia, but thats not gonna happen sadly.
but one thing is bother me, Lalla Salma only stopped at 2, why? of course she might want only two, but the Morocco Royal Family has the budget for lots of little princes and princesses, not to mention that Moulay Hassan is the only boy the King has, for them wasnt important to have one more spare boy in case anything happens to the eldest? and Lalla Salma is still young.
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Albert & Charlene - 2
William & Catherine - 1-2
Autumn & Peter- 2 more (she looks pregnant with #3)
Zara & Mike - 2
I recall reading Guillaume's 30th birthday interview that he hopes to have an "equally large family" as his parents. But at the time he did not think about children often. Who knows, maybe they will have 5 children! I really hope their first born is a girl. Another woman ruler of a European country! :)
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but one thing is bother me, Lalla Salma only stopped at 2, why?
We will never know whether they have stopped at two children, or if there are any problems having more children, as we only know the result of confirmed pregnancies when it comes to royal ladies.
^yes of course you're right, the Morocco royal ladies dont announce their pregnancies until the actual birth (while she was pregnant with Lalla Khadija, she attended an official event with a noticeble belly and even so she never announced it).
its just that its a big gap already since her last kid, Lalla Khadija is 5 years old, its almost 6 years since she was pregnant. well, at least she's in her 30s, she only going to be 35 yearls old next year.
It may also be that Lalla Salma and the King are satisfied with the number of children they have and don't want to add any more.
They already have a boy and a girl, so maybe they just don't want/need to have another child?
I don't get the feeling that Albert and Charlene are going to have children, if they do I think it'll be only one child.
^why not? i think if they dont have children is because of some problem, because Charlene stated in several ocassions that she would like to start a family soon and have kids of her own. plus Albert needs a legimate heir.

i'd like to say that for them is 2, a boy and a girl. and charlene is still young.
They all say they want to have children is what the people expect when they get married, Felipe at his engagement to Letizia said they'd like to have more than 3 but less than 5 kids, and see what happened, they have 2 kids, obviously there are a lot of reason they only have 2. Yes, Charlene is still young and Albert is past his 50ies, we know that man can have children even in their 70ies, I have no doubt they love each other, and I would like for them to have children, but as I said I don't get the feeling they are gonna have children, fortunately most times our feeling are wrong.
^of course i respect you're opinion, we cant all feel the same. but as for a women like Charlene in her 30s and already married, i think she would like to have children of her own as well.
and yes Felipe said that but Letizia step back and said 'take it easy', even though we know she had problems during both pregnancies, especially the second, also having both not natural births but cesarians, i think Letizia didnt want to have that many kids Felipe wanted.
even if a man wants children or not, in the end its up to the women to decide that task.
Tessy and Louis have two children and mostly likely they will have another child but not anytime soon (early to mid 30's I would say).
Whatever happened to the rumor Tessy was pregnant at Guillaume's wedding, because she seemed to have a belly? Is she hiding out until the announcement? Was she out of shape and not pregnant? Hmmmm....I thought she looked pregnant and there have been no pictures since then, that I know of.
Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain : they are done
But spanish crown couple may try for a boy

William & Kate: 2 children (if they will have 2 same sex children, they will for 3, imo)
Zara & Mike : 2 children
Victoria: one more ( i think a boy)
Guillaume & Stephanie: it's likely that they ll have at least 3 or 4 (considering he has 4 siblings, she has 7)
Felix & his fiancee : 2 or 3
Louis & Tessy : they will try for a girl imo
Albert & Charlene : no child
Whatever happened to the rumor Tessy was pregnant at Guillaume's wedding, because she seemed to have a belly? Is she hiding out until the announcement? Was she out of shape and not pregnant? Hmmmm....I thought she looked pregnant and there have been no pictures since then, that I know of.
yes, almost everyone noticed her belly, looked kinda pregnant and we havent seen her since then...
i dont know if they announced her second pregnancy of Noah, so i cant compare.
As far as I remember, they didn't.
I think William and Catherine will have two children.

On another note, I can picture Harry having four or five children! :D
I think royals from Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark won't have anymore children. However I would like it if Letizia and Felipe and Joachim and Marie had another child.

In Sweden, I think Victoria and Daniel will have 2 more children, Madeleine and Chris will have 3 children and Carl Philip will have 3 as well.

In Britain, I think William and Catherine will have two children and Harry will have three children. Zara and Mike will have two children IMO. I can also see Peter and Autumn having one more child.

In Luxembourg, I can see Guillame and Stephanie having three/four children and Felix and Claire having two children.

In Monaco, I think Charlene and Albert will have one child. I can also see Andrea and Tatiana having one more child.
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Nikolaos and Tatiana of Greece and Denmark: 3

My name guesses for boys:


My name guesses for girls:

Catherine & William: (2 options)
1. George & second child GIRL (Total: 2 children)
2. George & second child BOY & they'll try for a girl for the third time (Total: 3 children)

Charlene & Albert:
1. BOY (1 child)

Victoria & Daniel: (2 options)
1. Estelle & second child BOY (Total: 2 children)
2. Estelle & second child GIRL & they'll try for a boy for the third time (Total: 3 children)

I think the situation between Victoria's own family and William's are quite similar, if they have a second child with a diferent gender of their first child they'll stop there (Estelle + brother/George + sister). But if they have a second child with the same gender as their eldest, I think they'll give a try for the third time.
So for both families I'd say 2 children total, but with the possibility of 3 children.
William and Catherine : 3 (George + two girls)
Zara and Mike : 2 (two boys)
Albért ll and Charlène : 2 (one boy and one girl)
Guillaume and Stéphanie : 5 (two boys and three girls)
Nikolaos and Tatiana : 3 (two boys and one girl)
Victoria and Daniel : 3 (Estelle + two boys)
Madeleine and Christopher : 2 (one boy and one girl)
Engaged couple - Ayah of Jordan & Mohammad Halawani - four
I doubt already that her father will have more children


Gustaf Magnusson & Vicky Andren - three
Both his brothers - two more


Floris & Aimee - maybe one more (another boy)
All his brothers are done
His cousin, Jaime of Bourbon-Parma & his fiancee Victoria - three


Hafizah & Mohammed Ruzaini - three more
Majeedah & Khairul Khalil - two more
Rashidah & her husband - done (she is 44 and has five already)
The Heir & Princess Sarah - big family

The Heir & his wife - three more
His paternal cousins:
Frederika Tuita & her new husband - four
Salote Tuita & her in-a-moment new husband - two together (she is 36 already and has one daughter from her first marriage)
Titilupe & her husband - two more


Charlotte & Gad (if their relationship lasts) - three together

Juan Gomez-Acebo, Viscount de La Torre & Winston Cairney (if their relationship lasts) - one more (a girl)

Prince Muhammad of Egypt & Princess Noal Zaher of Afghanistan - three

King & Queen of Bhutan - big family

Joao Pedro & Yasmin - four
Amelia & James Spearman - four
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William and Catherine +1 more
Zara and Mike +2 more
Peter and Autumn +1 more
Frederick and Sophie +1 more

Guillaume and Stephanie 5
Felix and Claire 4
Louis and Tessy +2 more

Albert and Charlene 2
Andrea and Tatiana +2 more
Charlotte and Gad +2 more

Victoria and Daniel +2 more
Madeleine and Chris 2 or 3

Joachim and Marie +1 or 2 more

Nikolaos and Tatiana 3 or 4

Aime and Floris +1 more maybe

Jigme Khesar and Jetsun Pema 4 or 5

Billah and Sarah +3 more

Iman and Zaid Mirza 4

Muhammad of Egypt & Noal Zaher of Afghanistan 4

Oh I would love to see princess Letizia and prince Felipe have a boy! It seems Nertherlands, Norway, Denmark and Liechtenstein, Belgium are done) But who knows…You never know.
William and Catherine: Three-four children (George + two or three more, perhaps two of each)
Peter and Autumn: Three children (Savannah, Isla + one more)
Zara and Mike: Two children (two boys, I think, or a boy and a girl)

I think that the Danes are done, sadly. Joachim and Marie are probably the most likely to get a fifth child,
but I don't see that happening as Joachim has got his much longed for daughter.

Victoria and Daniel: Three children (Estelle and two more, a boy and a girl)
Madeleine and Chris: Two-three children

Albert and Charlene: One child (a girl, I think)

Guillaume and Stéphanie: Four-five children (I think their firstborn will be a girl)
Félix and Claire: Three-four children

Catherine & William: (2 options)
1. George & second child GIRL (Total: 2 children)
2. George & second child BOY & they'll try for a girl for the third time (Total: 3 children)

I agree. Seeing as William apparently wanted a girl, I think they're gonna try to at least have one little lady.
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