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Jun 10, 2016
New Zealand
Sorry I did not introduce myself earlier, my name is Lauren (my Username is meant to use the Lauren/laurel pun) and I am currently living in Wellington New Zealand. I decided to join this forum after a year of following posts.

My main interest is the British Royal family, especially the threads related to the Charles/Diana/camilla drama as those threads can get contentious and emotional. More broadly I'm interested in the BRFs relationship to the Commonwealth realms (including NZ), along with the changing political role and how that compares to the other European monarchies.

I'm also interested, at a thematic level, as to why some monarchies survive the modernisation process and others don't, and why Royal women are often political scapegoats for governments in crisis

I also enjoy the jewellery, clothing, wedding, and Royal books threads.

Hi Laurels,
We have met before on those threads mentioned, but a more formal 'Welcome to you' on these forums! Always glad to see Kiwis and Aussies here, to give a fresh point of view. I'm sure you are going to continue to enjoy it here!
Ut oh! Yet another one caught in the trap... err to be welcomed to the very informative, very diverse and very, very addicting forums here at TRF. :D

Whatever floats your boat as far as royalty is concerned, its all here and I'd advise a nice, cozy teapot on hand and perhaps your favorite snack as its very easy to pass hours here talking with people around the world on various topics.

So, warm welcomes to you and hope you enjoy the forums as much as I do. :flowers:
Hello and welcome Laurel :wave:
Thanks HP and AAR - I'm been having a great time so far :)
Welcome to The Royal Forums
WreathOfLaurels, your title sounds like an elegant regal coronet!
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Welcome Lauren

I've been on TRF for some years now and it's a great [-]time waster[/-] fun way to pass the time!
Welcome Lauren

I've been on TRF for some years now and it's a great [-]time waster[/-] fun way to pass the time!

I'm starting a new job on Monday, may not have that much time to waste - also posting on an iPhone can be tricky ;)
It's great to have you here, WreathOfLaurels!
I noticed your avatar, it's so very fitting! :flowers:
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