HH Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg & Count Axel de Chavagnac, Sept 2010

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Jan 23, 2006
Today is the big day for Tatjana d'Oldenburg previous fiancée of the Duke de Vendôme : she is getting married !
I really hope we will be able to get pix and details of the ceremony !:heart1::twohearts::heart2:
Congratulations to the couple!
Whom is going to marry?
Who are they? Forgive me, I don't know too much about European royalty.
Tatiana was engaged to the Duke, a member of the French Royals, but their engagement was called off. Many theories as to why, but what I've read is because of religious differences. The Duke is Catholic and Tatiana was Protestant. This is just a story in a nutshell and I'm sure other members will fill in my poor recounting. I think there may be a thread or you can look at the French Royals forum.:flowers:
Who are they? Forgive me, I don't know too much about European royalty.

Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg is a daughter of Duke Johann (himself the youngest son of the last Hereditary Grand Duke, Nikolaus) and Duchess Ilka, née Countess zu Ortenburg.
Tatjana's elder sister is Eilika, the wife of Archduke Paul Georg of Austria (youngest child of Archduke Otto).

As for the groom, Count Axel de Chavagnac, I don't know anything.
The marriage takes place at the Castle church of Eutin. But the bridal couple wants a private and intimate Wedding. So perhpas we won't see photos at all.
Such a pity Stefan.... let's hope there is one !
Here's to hoping one picture might be released, however if the couple wants their privacy, then I have to respect that.
Here is an article with photo. Artikel • Lübecker Nachrichten
The are of the Castle was closed to the pubvlic. among the guests where Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Tatiana's sister Eilike with her husband Archduke Georg of Austria.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PIC !!!! I really hope there will be others !
Well, maybe the color was picked for personal reasons and it is tied into the theme of the wedding. It appears as if the groom's mother picked up on the color in her outfit.
Stefan, thank you for the picture and article! I'm sure it was a beautiful wedding.:flowers:
The flowers look better in the second photo. The first one looks like a cellular phone picture that has the colors contrasted too brightly.

Absolutely gorgeous wedding dress by the way! More royal and non-royal brides should try to look more like this on their wedding day.
On the last picture n° 9 , I suppose it it the Priest with his wife ?
So she is finally married. Congratulation to the couple.
Finally married? Was HH Duchess Tajana so desperate to marry?

Thanks for the photos!
The ceremony was lovely. Count and Countess de Chavagnac seem to be a nice couple.
Finally married? Was HH Duchess Tajana so desperate to marry?

I think people feel sympathy toward Duchess Tatjana. She and Prince Jean of France were engaged in February 2001 and the engagement was called off three months before the September 2001 wedding date. We don't know the whole story but it seems as if it was his decision and related to her being Protestant. His grandmother was interviewed in PdV after the break-up and supported the decision. It is now nine years later and Tatjana is 36 years old. I wish her every happiness.
As far as I'm concerned I have liked her since I first saw her besides Jean.
She is pretty and very likeable.... I really hope we will see more of her at certain events
It has been most kind of you to answer my question. Now I remember reading about the broken engagement between Prince Jean, Duke of Vendome, and HH Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg. As far as I understood, Count of Paris "feared the Orléans claim to the throne would be compromised if there was a Protestant heir". I was and am shocked to see such display of the mauvais ton on the part of Prince Jean. In the end, it may be for the better that HH Duchess Tatjana did not join the feuding family.
But her husband is also a Catholic, ins't he?
But her husband is also a Catholic, ins't he?

Yes the Wedding weas an oecumenical Wedding. This was apparently also a problem at the breakup with Prince Jean as the Oldenburgs wanted their evangelic Family-Pastor to take part in the planned Wedding but the Orléans didn't want this. When Duchess Eilika married Archduke Georg in 1997 also the Family-Pastor participated in the Wedding-Ceremony and Elika remained protestant.
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It is nice to read that one year after the wedding, Comte Axel de Chavagnac and his wife Tatjana, née Duchess of Oldenburg had their first daughter and first child, Alexandrine, on September 30th 2011. (With thanks to Netty.)
I am so happy for them ! I'd hoped for news for ages !
HH Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg (1974), daughter of Duke Johann of Oldenburg (19400 and Ilka zu Ortenburg (1942), sister of HIRH AD Eilika of Austria (1972), and her husband Count Axel de Chavagnac (1967) had a second daughter, Astrid in Paris on 31 January 2014; a sister for Alexandrine, who was born in September 2011.

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Tatjana and Axel were married according to the rites of the Lutheran church. They chose the First Letter to the Corinthians as the primary reading.
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