Count Alexander zu Stolberg and Princess Isabel of Orleans-Bragança, 16 Oct. 2009

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Aug 13, 2004
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Tomorrow count Alexander of Stolberg-Stolberg will marry princess isabel of Orleans-Bragança in Rio de Janeiro.

The princess is the daughter of prince Fernando of orleans-Bragança and his wife, Maria de Graça Baere de Araujo. The couple will marry at 19.30, at the Irmandade de Nossa Senhora da Gloria do Outeiro.

They expect the attendence of the prince and princess de Ligne, several members of the Brazilian imperial family, members of the house of Stolberg-Stolberg, prince Jaime and princess Maria-Carolina of Bourbon-Parma, the duke and duchess of Bragança, prince Luitpold of Bavaria, the duke of Vendôme and members of the Merode and Arenberg families.
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Here is a gallery of some pictures from ANP of the wedding. I like Isabel's idea for the gown, but the sleeves are a bit too large and lacy for my liking.
I hope that they will be very happy.
I like the bride's veil with the lily of the valley flowers secured at the crown- (an "antique" look) But the bell sleeves, have GOT to go!!! The bow at the waist is a questionable detail as well IMHO. Regardless, wishes for a happy marriage to the couple!
Here is a gallery of some pictures from ANP of the wedding. I like Isabel's idea for the gown, but the sleeves are a bit too large and lacy for my liking.

Thank you, Jess, for posting these photos so quickly! I agree entirely with your impressions of the dress, but I'll wait to see a full frontal picture of the bride before forming a final opinion.... Much more importantly, the couple looks so happy together! Best wishes for their future happiness.
The bride is very beautiful, but I agree with everyone else about the bell sleeves. I am really curious about the rest of her dress.
The wedding ceremony took place at the Church of the Imperial Brotherhood of Nossa Senhora da Glória do Outeiro (in Rio de Janeiro).
Among the guests were the Duke and Duchess of Bragança (along with the brothers of D.ª Isabel, Afonso and Manuel de Herédia), Prince Jean d'Orleans (Duke of Vendôme, Prince of France), Prince Luitpold of Bayern (not confirmed), the children of the Duke of Parma (Princes Jaime and Carolina of Bourbon-Parma), Prince Jost Christian (the head of the House of Stolberg-Stolberg), as well as several other members of the main families of the Belgian and German aristocracy: Stolberg, Merode, Ligne, Arenberg, Looz-Corwaren, Erbach-Furstenau, etc..

Monarquia Já: O Casamento de Dona Isabel e do Conde Alexander de Stolberg
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What a lovely bride! Almost girly-like :flowers: Although, like most here, I'm not too happy with the bell sleeves.
But, apart from that, a bride that I find pretty and that is very rare these days. I really like it.
Thank you for the additional pictures. The wedding in the Cathedral was beautiful.
I like the "bell" sleeves. They add a a touch of individuality.
Lilies of the valley have been used in many weddings. I especially like how Princess Isabel used lilies of the valley with her veil. It is graceful when a bride can be creative with flowers.
This is a good marital match and I think they are happily married with children to this day
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