Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 5: December 2014 - May 2015

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Stephanie often comes so tantalizing close...but misses. This is one of those occasions. The devil is in the details.

Black/white is the most elegant of combinations. You can't go wrong. But don't pair open toe white shoes with black pants!!:bang:

The tailored blazer/tunic is great, and I love the tiny clutch. If she had worn black closed toe pumps I'd have marked this as a star appearance.:whistling:
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I am not a fan of this outfit from the first day. In fact, the only thing I like is the scarf. But without a doubt, after the Qatar disaster, this is a major improvement.


Pictures from the second day:
Guillaume e Stephanie de visita a Marrocos - A realeza

To me, she looks fantastic. I just don't like the open-toe white pumps.

It's an improvement indeed! She looks the chicest she has looked in months!
This is nice but peep toe shoes again and that jacket makes her look big. She does seem to be putting some effort into how she looks.
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I like this last outfit. Her jacket is very beautiful and it's a nice choice of accessories. I'd love to see the shoes, though.
I don't like the jacket at all, it looks too big and the pants don't go with it. The black and white was nice except for the white shoes. That white tunic was terrific on her.
I like the second day outfit too...even the open toe. I think the open toe keeps the outfit from looking too severe.

It's an improvement indeed! She looks the chicest she has looked in months!
I love the longer length white top over the black pants and even the open toed shoes are not bad. On a personal level I would have chosen pumps but this does not detract from her overall turnout. She looks quite chic and her ensemble as a very crisp look.

Most important of all, she's traded in her "luggage" for a lovely clutch. Full marks.
Yes that is exactly what it is, and she looks wonderful. (still no luggage in sight . . . yes!)

I am very impressed with what she has done with her hair. She obviously hasn't taken a dresser with her and she has done very well. I love the way she softly pulls the hair back at the sides, twists it, and secures it in a small clasp. Voila!

It's not the most intricate or elegant hairstyle in the world, but you can see she has put some thought into what is dictated by the occasion. She has taken time to get her hair off her face and out of everyone else's face and still look feminine and chic.

And the bonus? That would be the clear view of her beautiful earrings.
Lovely outfit. It like especially the trousers. And perfect hairdo jewelry and make up.
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Not her best look, the outfit would have looked better if she had worn skirt instead of trousers.
This is something she should have passed on it is matronly and the way she tied the belt does not help.
I love the color and the top but not the pants.
I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.

The color is perfect.
The ensemble is sloppy. The bright colour can not mitigate crumples and an unflattering fit. Shoes and a clutch seem to be nice though.
Awful. If it had been white, I would have expected her to do a Karate chop or something like that. Color is not bad, but I can't find anything else positive to say about it.
:previous:Yes...that's what it looks orange/red karate outfit!:lol:
I think I've seen that outfit on a Three's Company episode. I can just see Joyce DeWitt in it now.
I think sh looked very nice even though there was too much red, it worked. Her hair was blown very nicely and the nude pumps and clutch worked.
What she wore? Stephanie you are young girl show it please.
AT this point I am not looking forward to her maternity wear. I am now hoping when she turns 40 some style will happen.
AT this point I am not looking forward to her maternity wear. I am now hoping when she turns 40 some style will happen.

I have a very sad feeling there might not be maternity wear. I always get a lost feeling about her and her clothes seem very dated. There is no spark in her or her outfits. I'm sure however that are they are very much in love and that's what's important

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This outfit isn't that bad, IMO, but the way she tied the top totally ruined it.
Maybe the dress underneath the coat is red and that is why she is wearing the red shoes and bag. I just wish she would tie her belts neatly and I see she has her matching scarf with her.
The colour combination is not the best, but it isn't terrible either.
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