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Jun 21, 2019
United States
Just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been a royal watcher for over 10 years now. Some of you may remember me from The Royal Internet Forum, Royal Gossip, or Royal Dish. I definitely prefer discussion, constructive criticism, and deserved praise over belittling, blind hatred, or sugary comments. My favorite royals are all of the children
Hello. Welcome to TRF.

Is there still The Royal Internet Forum?
Erm, so, hi?? I’m Miss Mostert.This is my first time ever subscribing to a thread of any sort?, although I used to pop in and hover (rather hoover?-those older posts were só juicy) the royalinternetforums about 15 years ago.

So, hi Lothwen, my old friend- nice to finally meet you?. Thanks by the way for allowing myself and I’m sure countless other unsubscribed hoverers into your world. It’s been a privilege to share your dreams and speculate about the future with you and your tribe- even though you mustn’t have been aware of our existence.
I’m thoroughly looking forward to continuing on this journey and uncovering more layers of the destinies mapped out before us and link us to our beloved royals.
Welcome!!! :welcome:
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