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Nov 29, 2017

I´m not new to TRF. I used to post as agami.pearl few years ago but I forgot password and e-mail :bang: so I decide to register once again.
I was quite active but changes in my life caused me to lack of time to being active on this board. I moved to another country and found a job. Now together with my fiancé we are moving to our new house on Friday.
Whole time I was catching with royal news so I´m fully updated. I was trying other boards, less or more critical but I´m sticking to own opinion based on being longtime royal watcher. Not every royal is my favorite, but I can say something nice when they deserve or bash my favorite when they mess up. I hope I won´t insult anyone here and you will enjoy my contribution.
I may be not so active but I will try at least read TFR daily if time permits me to do so.


ps. Sorry for my English. I not using it daily so it can be a little rusty:unsure:
Welcome again agami. Hope you will resume posting regularly with us here on TRF.
What nationality are you (if I may ask)?
It seemed to me that you were Polish, but I don't remember correctly.
A więc witaj ponownie na pokładzie!
So welcome on the board again!
Hello , and welcome back. Some times life does catch up and take over, I know mine has in the past. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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