Hello from England!

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Jan 12, 2020
The Secret Garden
United Kingdom
Hello everyone! After visiting the forums for a year or so I thought I might as well bite the bullet an join!

I’m Tsarinya and I’m from ‘sunny’ England. I think I might be unique amongst members (though not sure!) because I’m not actually a Royalist or someone who is a fan of having Royals. I know this is a controversial opinion, so I don’t often bring it up. However I am very interested in Royalty from a historic perspective and on how it works in today’s environment. Today we have had the ‘Sandringham Summit’ which is not something I can recall ever really happening, so for me it’s quite fascinating to see how it all plays out. I also have a soft spot for the Cambridge children, but ssssh, don’t tell anyone ;)
Apart from the British Royal Family I’m interested in the Monégasque Royals (I’m a fan of Grace Kelly and the country has always fascinated me), the Bhutan Royals and the Japanese Royals as well as the Romanovs. I love learning about new places and cultures so hopefully this forum will be a good place for me to start.
I’m also a big fan of fashion and that’s something that I’m a sucker for when it comes to Royals. I do love their hat choices and wedding dresses!

Lovely to meet you all!
Welcome to the Royal Forums Tsarinya! I'm a tiara girl myself. So glad you decided to join!
Welcome Tsarinya. Hope you have a great time posting here.
Welcome Tsarinya, enjoy. Lots to learn here.
Thank you so much Lady Daly, Curryong, eya and Tarlita. Lovely to meet you :)
Bonjour, Tsarinya! I like to learn about the Imperial Romanovs. :imperialrussia::imperialrussia:
Brilliant, CyrilVladisla. I’ll maybe see you in their section :)
Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Emma, I just joined this forum, watched for a long time and decided to register. I will be glad to talk!
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