Harald & Sonja - early years

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Prince or King Harald very nice when he young & Queen Sonja have new copy from her is princess martha louise :D
Thank you for all the pictures.Sonja was so beautiful and Harald was very handsome.
A young Sonja and Harald looked much like Martha Louise and haakon and the king like his son are handsome.
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Thank you everybody for the gorgeous pictures!:flowers:
I had seen some of them before, but most are new for me....and never paid attention to how pretty she was! A very cute-looking woman, she had lovely eyes.

And, goodness, how much I love those 60´s fashions! I feel many of those dressed could be worn today and would look great too...in fact, I would love to have more than two of them :p
Sonja pictured infront of the Rikshospitalet 5 days before Märtha Louise was born

Sonja and her mother Dagny in 1971

At King Olav's 70th birthday in 1973 (some weesk before Haakon was born ;) )
I hadn't seen any of those, either - thanks for posting! :flowers: I recognize the long pink dress, but it's from a different photo shoot, because I remember pictures of her wearing it next to Harald in uniform.
Yeah, that's exactly the one I mean.

And I LOVE the one of them looking at each other - very cute! :flowers: Sonja's definitely standing on something, though...she's nowhere near that close to his height!
:previous: Wonderful, thanks so much! :flowers:

The pictures with Princess Anne are priceless - I wonder what occasion (or party theme?) it was :lol:
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The love and happiness shines through in all these photos! I see both Royal grandchildren in Sonja. I had never realized what a stunner she was back in the day either.
The court released some private pictures of Harald and Sonja:
The young couple before they got engaged:

The Crown Prince and Sonja Haraldsen in 1968: http://www.steinkjerleksikonet.no/img/vis_gen.php?tbl=bilde&fil=innhold&id=3321&thumb=500

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess in 1970: http://www.mossbyleksikon.no/images/8/88/MBL_0079_Emil_Andersen.png

In the top two photos it could be Martha Louise, didn't realise she looks so much like her mother.
Sonja Haraldsen during one of her first official visits after the engagement in 1968:

source: NRK

She looked so beautiful :flowers:.
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