Haga Palace, Solna

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Nov 5, 2005
Haga Palace


The Haga Palace, which is located in Haga Park in the municipality of Solna, was built between 1802 and 1804. The Palace was commissioned by King Gustav IV Adolf.
The current King, Carl XVI Gustav, and his four sisters - Princesses Margaretha, Birgitta, Désirée and Christina - were all born at the Palace; where the family (the five children and their parents, Prince Gustav Adolf and Princess Sibylla) lived until Prince Gustav Adolf's death in 1947.
Haga Palace was transferred to the Swedish Government in 1966 by the then King, Gustav VI Adolf. The Government today uses the Palace for guests of the Government.

Gustav III's Pavillion and the Copper Tents lie inside the grounds of Haga Park.

Haga Park - Kungahuset [NS4 version]
(Picture from Eko Parken)​
Information on Gustav III's Pavillion, summarised from the Swedish RF's website:
-King Gustav III commissioned the building of the Pavillion
-The Pavillion was built in 1787 by the architect Olof Tempelman
-Artist Louis Masreliez was commissioned to do the interiors of the Pavillion
-The Pavillion was just one of the many grand ideas Gustav III had for Haga Park, many of these did not get past the drawing board
-Gustav III used the Pavillion in the years before his assassination
-It was from the Pavillion that Gustav III left for the masquerade ball in March 1792
-King Oscar I commissioned a restoration of the building in the 1840s
-Another major restoration was done between 1937 and 1946
this will be tha new home for the crown princess family....

maybe new haga prinssesor will be brought up there

when was haga last used by royals?
It looks sort of small from the exterior...
Maybe there's a wing we can't see from the photos. But it does look charming and not too intimidating. I would assume that if the king and his many sisters grew up there it is probably more spacious than it looks.
It looks sort of small from the exterior...

Very true, it is smaller than one would expect a palace to be. However, right now it is just the 2 of them. Even if they add kids it will be a nice home for a family. I wonder if this is larger than her aparment at her parents palace/castle?

Even though Haga Palace may be smaller than some of the other palaces, it is probably the most updated. Since the Swedish Government used Haga Palace to house important visitors, it must be in wonderful condition. The heating, plumbing, electrical, structural and landscaping have surely been updated and modernized. The interior and furnishings must also be in very good condition. If so, then this is the very best choice for the couple. "Move in Ready" is a very good thing. In this time of fiscal uncertainty, it is also the wisest choice financially.
do you think they will live there before the wedding or will they move in after?
I read that the palace has 40 rooms. if it is true, the palace is not very small and really bigger than her appartment.
does anyone more information about the inside from the palace.

I read in one of the translated articles that a place was being prepared at Haga Palace for Daniel's parents. Is this a new or renovated building? Will they live there or is it a place for them when they visit? There appears to be another building nearby. Perhaps this is for staff and security personnel. I look forward to seeing some pictures of the refurbished interior of Haga Palace.

After stumbling my way through comments to your posts on renovations to Haga Palace, I have decided that the "place" for Daniel's family and friends is Stallmastargarden - a Hotel and Restaurant near Haga. I think the article addressed whether there would be a lighted walkway between the Hotel and Haga Palace. It would be a likely place for Daniel to house his family and friends during the wedding festivities. Did I get it right this time? I can get translations of articles, but not always for the comments. I am beginning to recognize some phrases, but am a long way from being fluent in Swedish. Nevertheless, I enjoy the Royal Forums very much.
I found a 3D computer drawing of Haga that includes the side building.
Haga Castle by nerow - Google 3D Warehouse

I've always thought it looked smaller then the size it stated as, so I'm assuming it includes the building that's attached to it. I've noticed that most of the photos of Haga tend not to show the side building, I actually didn't even know there was more to Haga because you hardly ever see in in photos. I have some questions about it.
Does anyone one know what the building on the side is/was used for?
It doesn't have look at the same as the 'main house' (looks more like a big house -or manor- then a palace to me), was it added on later?
If not, why wasn't it designed to flow more with the house?
Annexe to Haga Palace

The annexe was built in the early 1930ies to accomodate domestic rooms and servants quarters when Haga became the residence of prince Gustav Adolf and princess Sibylla.
Haga Palace: Size, Et Cetera

Here is a cross-section of Haga Slott, the new home of CP Victoria and the Duke of Västergötland. It was published in the magazine Aftonbladet and shows the layout of the palace (really a villa) and some of the rooms as they are presently decorated. The house was used as an official guest residence by the Swedish government but was given back to the royal family as a wedding gift for the couple. As you can see it is not a huge house, given the possibilities. It is spacious, comfortable, and modest. Too many people think princesses live surrounded by pomp and glitter and ballrooms. Haga Slott is just right for a modest monarchy like Sweden's. And for a couple starting out, under the circumstances.
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It's absolutely beautiful there. I live not too far away from Hagaparken and I was very delighted to hear that they will move in there. It is true that it's smaller than a regular palace but it's not that small as some pictures might suggest. Before the new security measurements were added you could walk straight to the front door of the palace.
I agree; I only pointed out the relative size because so many people seem to think it shocking the couple doesn't live in something the size of Buckingham Palace. I've seen American houses in Greenwich, Connecticut, larger than Haga Slott! Which isn't a criticism; I think it's a lovely building.

I've heard 40 rooms bandied about for Haga Slott's size, but that seems to include everything from kitchens to maids' rooms, et cetera. The cross section seems to show a much clearer view of how many "family" rooms there are versus how many staff or other sorts of rooms.
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How near to Haga palace you actually can go nowadays? I'm planning a new trip to Stockholm in September and I'm curious to see Victoria and Daniel's new home, too.
If they are permanently living there, then i would imagine you would only be allowed to the gates.
Would anybody know if Victoria has moved in to Haga?
Would anybody know if Victoria has moved in to Haga?

I read somewhere that renovations won't be complete in time for them returning from their honeymoon. So I guess they'll have to wait a bit.
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