Greetings from the U.S.

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Sep 15, 2009
United States
I'm so happy I found this forum! I found by accident googling for pics of historic royal weddings.

Anyway, I've long been interested in royalty specifically British royalty especially Princess Diana and The Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the old history lines [I've been getting into Tudor history recently]. I also love reading up the Grimaldis too.

There is so much on this site, I'm breathless! I'm sure I'll learn lots here.

A little about me: I am a book nerd, feminist, and make fanvids. I'm from the Midwestern U.S. and I'm a middle child. I enjoy collecting coffee table books on art and royalty and fashion. I love period dramas.
Welcome, CordeliaFitzgerald! I hope you enjoy TRF!
Welcome, CordeliaFitzgerald! :flowers:
This is really an amazing site but be warned - it's very easy to get addicted. :D
Welcome to the Forurms, CordeliaFitzgerald! This is a really great site for information and discussion. Hope that you enjoy being part of TRF!
Welcome Cordelia!.You will enjoy here and find many friends:flowers:
:wave:Welcome from a fellow Midwestern (more like Great Lakes) Middle Child!:usaflag::clap:
Wecome on TRF and have a good time here:flowers:
I wish you, CordeliaFitzgerald, could derive as much much pleasure as possible from being a member of this forum! Have a lot breathtaking moments while visiting your favourite threads...!
Greetings from remote Poland! :rose:
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