Greek Royal Palaces and Residences

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Let's see "the unknown Palace"

Waiting to build the house (today's Parliament),

King Otto and the 18 year old wife Amalia settled in a neoclassical Klafthmonos Square, 180 years ago.
Otto and Amalia stayed in this "Old Palace", as later called , from 1836 until 1843.

Today, the mansion houses since 1980 the "City of Athens Museum", and a roof is dedicated to the memory of the royal couple.
Thanks Eya I knew nothing about "the unknown Palace",it looks like a fine mansion.
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It looks beautiful in the wintry landscape but one can only imagine what a terrible state its in under the snow.
It seems that the sign in front of the house does not use a photograph of Alice but of one of her daughters (the youngest one I believe).
She is the Princess Sophia, she was married twice, the second with the brother of Queen Frederica, George, she was daughter of Princess Alice. I read that this poster was placed a little before the visit of Prince Charles in 2018. It is obvious that they selected the picture wrong. :eek:;)?
Its time to start again with unknown for many Royal residences of buildings like this:

Queen's Amalia Tower or in greek Pyrgos Vasilissis in Ilion, Attica

The Queen’s Tower Estate was born out of Queen Amalia’s vision of the establishment of a model agricultural facility, where innovative production methods were to be applied aiming to the modernization of the greek agronomy.

And today is still strong!

Photos – Î*ύργος Βασιλίσσης

Full site

Pyrgos Vasilissis – Î*ύργος Βασιλίσσης

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Rare audiovisual material from 1962 during the period of Princess Sofia's wedding with Juan Carlos of Spain, from a German television station reporting on the Palaces of Athens and Tatoi.
At Tatoi we have a rare look inside the palace, as never seen before, with the lunch preparations and the Royal Family spending time together in the living room.

What are they restoring exactly? I see a big white construction? And I assume the main building will see some works. Is it known what the palace will be used for after the restoration is done?
They are restoring buildings near the palace. Something that I do not understand, because I think that the main would be to repair the palace that is the main building and whose roof is very deteriorated. However, they are repairing other buildings with no historical value, if all the money that they are investing in those buildings would be invested in repairing the palace, today the roof would be perfectly. And theses buildings are costs less money, however if all the money they are spending badly on these buildings, and on making projects ... it would be invested in the palace, I think that currently, the roof of the Palace would be repaired, but I do not understand None of this restoration, money is spent on restoring nearby buildings, and are not really a restoration, but a new building.

the original construction was made of stone
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By Vassilios Koutsavlis president of the Association of Friends of the Tatoi Estate:

" "With great joy and special emotion we announce to all members of the Association of Friends of the Tatoi Estate as well as to all friends of Tatoi that the royal carriages were located by the maintenance department of the Ministry of Culture," Vassilios Koutsavlis wrote on his Facebook page. "Until now, no one was sure where they were or in what condition. There are at least 4 of them, including the closed carriage, the most important of the royal collection with which the wedding of Queen Sophia of Spain took place. In the near future, the Ministry of Culture will proceed with the first rescue measures, while according to our information, fortunately they are still in good condition. The joy and emotion of all of us is very great since we can now ensure that we will have a brilliant Museum of Royal carriages and Cars in Tatoi as in most of the respective museum cultural ensembles throughout Europe! ”


Definitely great news!

Great news indeed ! So many treasures are still hiding in Tatoï ! Anne-Marie's wedding dress is yet to be found.
Wow what a great news. And a great start as well. I hope they will continue this endeavor. Certainly, the Greek government cannot just erase this period in their history.
Can't believe that the royal carriages are at Tatoi ,they must be in some poor state after all these years of neglect.
The maintenance of the cars of the Royal Family in the Tatoi estate by the Directorate for the Preservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture

The scaffolding has been placed around the Tatoi as fixing and cleaning works have started and are expected to be completed at the end of December, both on the outside and inside of the Palace.

The palace will function as a museum with a possible start of operation at the end in 2023.

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