Greek Royal Palaces and Residences

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Tatoi needs total Renovation but who will pay ? . The Monarchy is over !

The owner of Tatoï will pay: the State. Actually the site was in renovation when the fires started. Tatoï was destined to become a museum with hotel facilities.
Tatoi Royal Palace: Before and after the fire

Its looking very dilapidated and in a poor state ,such a shame it was not returned to the Greek RF!
More photos of the restoration of Tatoi Palace.
I didn't realise that there were so many different properties on the Estate and such a shame that the GRF do not own it as they could all have a residence on the estate.
The Tatoi is worse today than it was five years ago, its image is bleak. I was there a month ago, and frankly, the landscape is desolate, it has lost all the vegetation. Regarding the restoration, it is incredible that in so many years they have done so little, and claim to have spent so much.

The worst thing is that they have eliminated the most identifying front part of the palace, they have dismantled it entirely, currently it does not look anything like what it once was. The ministry justifies the elimination by stating that they were elements after King George and Queen Olga, that is, the rest of the Kings are not part of the history of Greece.

This is very sad because this Palace became famous thanks to King Pavlos and Queen Federika, it was the reports they made that made it known. And also King Constantine and Queen Anna Maria because they also appeared in foreign media at the Palace. The eliminated part was the most identifying part of the Palace, the famous galleries (I think this is their name in English), which are in all the photos, they were the most identifying part of the Palace,

It has been demolished.

Before this was like that, this part has been eliminated, now the galleries and the balcony do not exist
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