Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 1: January 2003 - February 2016

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Is that really the Christmas card? No pictures of the grandchildren or the spouses? Seems very odd.
Of course there couldn't be any kids there.The graduation took place in Georgetown (US) and only the main members of the family attended.For example,Pavlos went there by his own (no wife or kids) and Alexia didn't attend at all.The reason why they published it as a Christmas card is unknown,though.Perhaps,they weren't able to gather at one place on Christmas,but still,who knows? :rolleyes:
This is the strangest Christmas card ever! There are two legal spouses missing and a total of 9 grandchildren.
There is no particular message to this choice. Actually I wonder if P Alexia and P Pavlos has any idea this was being sent out as a Christmas card.
What do you mean?Is it possible that someone else takes care of these things without even informing the main members of the family?Whatever happened,I have the impression that there wasn't a "get together" this time :rolleyes:
Am I the only one who likes it ? Altough being very fond of the Greek kids, I think this cards is elegant and focuses very normally on the closest family of KC and QAM. The focus on the graduation says to me that this family, although very conscient of their ligneage, pays a big attention to education and merit (not the first time I think this).
Having said that... I'm hoping for Pavlos's and Alexia's cards with beautiful pictures of children...
And happy 2009 to all posters (and many beautiful new pics and good news from the GRF) !
The card is elegant, but I must agree with everyone else that this seems like a really strange choice for a Christmas card. The family does not seem complete, and it is disappointing that they didn't include the grandchildren.
I like the card, but I´d love it if there were the children and spouses as well. Pleeeaaaase, may Pavlos and Alexia send their own cards with their lovely families!!!!
Which means that some posters,who said it was taken during Filippos' graduation last summer,were absolutely right. :rolleyes:

Thank you,I did.

Btw,having in/laws and grandchildren doesn´t mean they HAVE to be on each and every pic.Not even each and every Christmascard.
The original Family,just the parents and children,is A OK.:)
I understand your point, Lucien. However, I love seeing the children and grandchildren. They have such a large, beautiful family. I enjoy seeing the new babies, and the children growing up each year.
Oh yes, very lovely, all those photos! How beautiful, Tatjana is! Looking forward, Yours sincerely, Tilla.
I think the Christmas Card is lovely. I like the fact that the King and queen just took one with their 5 Children, it's nice and simple
You are right.Alexia attended her brother's graduation as well.I thought she didn't.But still no husband or kids.Just like Pavlos :rolleyes:
I like the Christmas card. It is showing others an important event in that families lives. At least all the siblings are there. It is a great picture. The Christmas card is more for their families and friends and not us or the media. Each of the siblings probably included the spouses and kids in their picture.

I think an event picture is a great idea over a stiff posed family pic.
I think they have sought a fair solution.
This year, in the family have been several important developments that could have been the subject of the card, but for various reasons, this would not have been fair:
A: The christening held in Lanzarote, there were family photo, this might have been the card ... but it had not been fair, Pavlo and Mc were not in christening.
B: In summer,The kings were in Beijing, the family was in July and early September in Greece, but Pavlo and his family were not in Greece, they were in EEUU.
C: In the graduation in May of Prince Fillipos, were the five brothers, but they were not the rest of the family.
They had to choose the most just solution, and I agree, the photo the kings and their five children, is the most just solution ..
Thanks a lot for the above photos,Belt!I had only seen a couple of them in the past,but not all of them.I remember that period,when MC's hair was almost white.I prefer the way her hair looks now.Maria Olympia looked just like Odysseus-Kimon when she was a baby girl.
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Thank you for the links to these photos, Beltraneja! It is fun to look back at the family. Olympia was a beautiful toddler.
Pics 18.2.2009

King Constantine of Greece and his son Prince Nicholas of Greece
are seen at a reception at the Royal Academy of Arts on February
18, 2009 in London, England. The Prince of Wales was attending
a reception for the Byzantium 330-1453 Exhibition at The Royal
Academy of Arts.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Oh, these two additions are really great, thank you as well, giov :)

It seems as if Constantine was saying : "Indeed, Charles, it's really
amazing, seems like yesterday that little Nicholas sat on your knees,
now he has grown that much and even has a beard!" :D
He really looks like his younger brother...
Easter Vacation

Hello ladies and gentlemen, do we know anything about the easter Holidays of the GRF?I think i read here at another thread that the king and Queen where visiting Crete. What about Pavlos-MC?Alexia?Nikolaos,Theodora and Philippos?
Constantino and Ana Maria told reporters of Creta that they would passed the holidays in Porto Heli, Greece, but they traveled to Crete with friends.

the countries catholic in Europe celebrated their Easter holidays early of april, at present it is for the orthodox countries, by it , i think that Alexia, pavlo, Mc aren´t in Greece.

I think that if Teodora or Filipos would be in Greece, they would had traveled to Creta with their parents, as other years, they aren´t in Greece.

Niko and Tatiana.......I do not know what to think about them​
Thanks for the repply, the greek magazines/ tv channels are very quiet this year and i didn't hear anything. Maybe gossip magazines will write something soon about the GRF Easter Holidays.
Here is a link to an article that talks about the Greek Orthodox church in London that the Greek Royal Family belongs to. It mentions the Easter services from 2009, but doesn't state anything specific about whether any of the family members attended services there this year.
Look! I found this stamp in a web specializing in collections of postage stamps,
it is Queen Anne Marie with the Princess Alexia.

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