Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 1: January 2003 - February 2016

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I believe that Queen Margrethe is not beautiful but she is not ugly. the Beauty is very subjective.
It depends with whom you compare to Queen Margaret
Guys, this is not a Danish RF "who is beautiful" thread; back to the GRF please.

I'm wondering if the family did anything special for Christmas does anyone know?
Prince Pavlos of Greece, Tatiana Blatnik and Prince Nikolaos of
Greece attended The ICA Fundraising Gala at KOKO on March
24, 2010 in London, England.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
25 March

Happy 25th of March !!! Xronia polla , Ellas !!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
Perhaps Marie - Chantal is in Bahamas (Harbour Island). Pia is there, she is in Nassau
How do you know she is in Bahamas? have you some interview in magazines or a event about her ?
Olili wrote "perhaps", I don't think we've read anything specific about this recently... although it is true that we did read about the family flying regularly to the Bahamas for Easter (and remember the gorgeous photoshoot for the Greek Life&Style in Spring 2007). And if the children are in Knightsbridge School (the former Hellenic School) as it was said in last January's Life&Style, then they might be on holiday right now : see term dates here : Knightsbridge - Term Dates
hey, these pics show pavlos taller than nicolas and tatiana...and they are a very tall couple, as you know! then how tall is pavlos? the shortest male member of this family must be around 1,90 definitely! anyway, the pics are beautiful of course.

Prince Paul has measure about 1.95, I read it, he played basketball as a student....
Easter ??

Do we have any pics of the GRF celebrating easter this year??It would be really nice to see the family together especially now after the engagement!!!M :flowers:
Isn't the Greek Easter later than Easter in other churches?
The Kings of Greece have been in Portaria, Greece .They arrived the saturday 27, they were in Bolos...they attended the Mass of the " Tuesday Saint", in the church of St. Nikolaos (in this photo)in Portaria..They abandoned Portaria the Wednesday to spend the rest holiday in Porto Heli..

This year the Orthodox and Catholic Easter coincide on the calendar
Thank you for the photo and the news, how about the rest of the family?The engaged couple?
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Yes, they have been in Portaria...In Porto Xeli are Kings of Greece and Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana.
Thanks Nikolopoulus!!!!!
Are the pictures of the visits to the island of Spetses????
Yes, Beltaneja, it is the Island of Spetses in Greece...It is a beautiful Island..
King Constantine of Greece celebrated his 70th birthday with a party for 80 in London. Hosted by his son Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece and attended by European Royalty, including The Queen (Elizabeth II), Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Queen Sofía of Spain, Prince Andrew (Duke of York) and Princess Anne (The Princess Royal)

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Article and Photos Hola

70º cumpleaños de Constantino de Grecia
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Birthday party for King Constantine in London

The party was hosted by his son Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece and
was attended by the King's children and their partners and European
Royalty, including Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip, Queen Margrethe
and Prince Henrik of Denmark, Queen Sofía of Spain, Prince Andrew,
Princess Anne, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Princess Benedikte
and husband the Duke of Gloucester, Crown Prince Felipe and others.

Pics without watermarks can be found here:

** Bildspel: Färgsprakande 70-årskalas för ex-kung Konstantin **
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It's sad princess Letizia did not attend! but she stayed at home with the girls I guess!
Wow! An incredible line-up of royals for a "private" dinner. I thought that everyone looked fabulous
Wonderful that so many royals attended the event.
Lovely pictures Beltraneja! Is it my idea or Prince Henrik really need to lose some weight? All this fat in his belly can't be very healthy in his age :ermm:
Lovely pictures Beltraneja! Is it my idea or Prince Henrik really need to lose some weight? All this fat in his belly can't be very healthy in his age :ermm:

He looks like he always has to me.
I love that King Constantine kissed the ladies hands, and helped HM down the stairs.
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