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I don't usually click 'remember me' because I am afraid of having any of my passwords saved. I will try it, though. Thank you Warren.
I've noticed that a lot of threads now have more subjects about residences. Still not enough to make a new subforum?
We feel that having the threads for castles, palaces and residences in their home forums gives them better context. Many of the palaces and residences aren't so much historical as "current" and form part of the fabric of the various royal families' lives and activities.
Ok thanks
Maybe the Monaco moderators can make a royal residence subforum in the Monaco thread then?
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It would only contain a couple of threads: the Palais Princier and the chateau in France. There's not enough content to justify a subforum.
There are also threads about the houses/yachts of Caroline and Stephanie and the subforum could grow as they have more properties. And in the Monaco forum there's also a thread about the history of the family with very few threads.
But anyway, no subforum then. That's too bad, certainly because a lot of the other families have one.

I didn't want to start a new thread about this but I didn't find any answer in Elspeth's thread and I was wondering about referrals. On my profile page there's a place that says "Referrals: 3". What does that mean?
It means that three members, when they registered, said that you were the member who referred them to the site.

Let me go and add that to the TRF Q&A thread.

ETA, New Member FAQ, just for you:

On my profile page it says I have three referrals. What does that mean?

When new members register, they can give the name of the existing member who referred them to the forum. Once they've done that, the referral will show up on the profile page of the referring member. In other words, the referral information shows how many people you've introduced to TRF as members.
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Changing username

I want to know what do I have to do in order to change my username, please. :)
I guess you have to ask to the administrators...
if you go to the thread "username" here you will find all the details you reqiure to change one's username.
regards jonny.
Given your current title, Serene Highness, you will not be allowed to change your username.

Can I change my username?

There are a couple of situations where we allow members to change their usernames. If a username is a potential security risk (such as the member's full name), it can be changed at any time. There is also a 30-day window after joining when members can change their username if they decide they don't like the name they chose during the registration process. Members who joined more than 30 days ago may also make one change of username as long as their total post count is 50 or lower. Only one change is permitted per member. Anyone wishing to request a username change should contact an administrator by private message.
The Administrators will allow "exceptional circumstances" such as where a member's privacy or security is threatened.
This isn't an exceptional circumstance and it doesn't put my privacy or security at risk, it's just a matter of taste. However, the change wouldn't be relevant.
I've sent you a PM regarding options.
Must say I like the new look!:flowers:

Just as a bit of a clarification, something like a change from ...JuAnItA... to Juanita or from Elspeth123 to Elspeth or even from Algernon to HRH Algernon doesn't really count as a name change, more as a minor tweak. We don't normally have a problem with that sort of change; the problem is when someone with a long posting history wants a completely different name, which just confuses everyone.
Thank you, Elspeth :)
I had some doubts about the change because I'm a member since 2005 and I have above 1000 posts, so it couldn't be posible to change.
That's a bit too much of a change for an established member like you.:flowers: White Princess is a lovely name.
Fan Projects?

Why can't we do fan projects? They seem like a fun way to get involved. I wanted to do a project for Harry's birthday but it my thread got deleted. :ohmy:
I sent you a PM about this at the time.
Your thread was deleted because your "fan project" was a personal one.
If you wish to discuss this further please do so via PM.
new at this!

I'm really pleased to announce that Avalon has joined Ennyllorac, Mandy, Norwegianne, Warren, and me as an administrator of this forum. If anyone needs to get in touch with one of the admins, go ahead and add her to the list of victims - erm - recipients!

G'Day, I am a casual reader of TRF and only yesterday submitted my first posts.
I have 2 questions - 1) how do I now find those posts so that I may read anymore responses -2) how do I edit my details as some are incorrect.
Thank you for a fabulously informing website!
(& the birthday wish last october -that was a lovely surprise)
There's nothing worse than misplacing your debut posts! However, they are very easily located: just click on your name; then click on "find all posts by..."
To change your details click on 'User CP' on the top blue bar of every page. On the left hand side of the User CP page is a column of options.
Is there a problem with TRF site? It is so slow when posting an article or reply, that if I had a suspicious mind, I would think all posts were being logged/hacked by an outside agency? :ermm:
I've not noticed any delays in processing tonight. As the TRF servers are located in the United States there may sometimes be communication issues (excess traffic, damaged cables etc) on certain lines to different countries which can impact on the transmission or responsiveness speed.
I have a banner on TRF screen that advertises bags and the next moment there is an advertisement about nice Thai women who want to date. I find the last mentioned advertisement a bit tacky.
The advertisements members see will vary from country to country and location to location. There are companies which specialise in placing ads on message boards and discussion forums and the owner of a site has no control over the ads that appear.
Susan, Do you have a pop up filter? I dont get any ads at all, with that.
:confused:I think I do, but perhaps there are variations, I will try to find out

thx Scooter :flowers:
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