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I found the problem!

It's in user CP.

Go to "edit options."

Scroll down to "Miscellaneous Options"

"Message Editor Interface"

Change from "Enhanced interface" to "standard interface".

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I seem to see updates in the Harry&Megan subforums not in my "portal" view (which i use a lot), but do see them when i open another thread in the "recent discussions" part...can the subforum be added to Portal too?

Dop you mean the wedding forum or the general Harry & Meghan forum as well?
No the general Harry&Megan stuff (like current events) are visible in Portal view but not the wedding threads like "Wedding musings" or "Wedding tiara" etc
Yes, the wedding sub-forum threads do not show up on the portal when new things are posted - I always use the portal view.
I feared so. That is because we forgot to select the correct setting in the mod. panel when we created the new sub-forum. It always happens and we always forget which setting it is :hiding:. We should be able to fix it soon though, thanks for pointing it out.
ah the infamous "other" setting :lol:

Would be nice to see it fixed so i don't miss any weddingtiara updates...(yes, that's really important) :lol:
Thanks everyone for letting us know how to fix it....had me confused as I am very insecure about computers. This was easy .......:lol::flowers:
Is there a possibility of filtering a thread on posts that contain links to pictures and articles?
No, I fear that I have never heard of such a function.
It would be nice for threads that get overloaded with discussions and opinions.
Anyone else getting a Cloudflare interruption? This evening when I signed on there was a white screen that came up with black lettering informing me that my browser was being checked before I entered TRF. :ermm: Never happened before.

Then, just now as I finished writing a post and hit 'send', the white screen came up again informing me of the same thing, that my browser was being checked. It seems to be originating from Cloudflare.

What is happening?

BTW, my post never got posted. The screen got stuck on the Cloudflare white screen and I had to re-enter TRF (though did not have to sign in again).
Yes, I got that from Cloudflare too. Yesterday evening and this morning when I first logged to TRF. I use Google Chrome.
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The very same thing is happening to me also......I could not get into the site because it would not let me and then it got stuck on one page.....I tried to find info on this in google with little was not in my control panel either for I checked to see if I could delete it.....any one know what this is?
Me too. - No problems posting though.
Use Firefox.
I have Firefox and it got stuck on one page and for a few seconds would not move when I tried to go elsewhere.......and when I wanted to post a comment it would not let me so went to another window and tried to get into TRF and the same thing happened again......been searching here trying to figure out what this is....
Still happening when coming onto TRF (just now) even before signing in. It's as though TRF site itself is filtering all site requests through Cloudflare.

This is brand new for me. Never seen this before today with TRF.

Its happened to me several times when accessing the website and just recently "hung up" the process of entering a post. It was quite a lengthly post so when stuck, I hit the back button and copied what I had wrote before trying to post it again. The Cloudflare "checking" the browser finally allowed me back into the thread and I was able to post my response.

This might be extra added security to the website but as of right now, its an annoyance.

BTW: I'm using Opera as my browser.
Happening to me as well and as I am using my work computer I am limited to having to use Google Chrome - not allowed anything else - so will have to put up with it or leave the forum if it becomes too annoying and slow.
On thing is pretty obvious by all the responses here. Its *not* our browsers. ;)
Same problem here. Did some research, so it's a DDoS protection service used by the website that we are trying to access.

If some website is doing so, it is preventing others malicious content to be passed through your content. It’s just for the security reason as it helps in diminution of spam traffic like botnets and other malicious traffic.

It's not harmful, just some extra prevention, but it can slow down each refreshing by a few seconds. And we, as visitors, can't really do anything about it.
Same problem here. Did some research, so it's a DDoS protection service used by the website that we are trying to access.

It's not harmful, just some extra prevention, but it can slow down each refreshing by a few seconds. And we, as visitors, can't really do anything about it.

Yes - this is accurate. During the past day the site has been targeted by a DDoS attack. You can read more about that here:

No members individual system is being attacked - just the website. The goal of a DDoS is to overload the servers and crash the site. The browser check is an inconvenience to be sure, but it helps us make sure that folks who are trying to access the site are legitimate users and not an army of bots intent of taking it offline. Thanks for your patience - these typically last a day or so and at that point we can turn off the browser check.
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Thanks for the explanations. I’ve gotten the white screen the last couple days. The freezing pages/stuck loading for about a week.
Thank you Janet H for the explanation here, I just got on and had no problems so all is well ..............
Has it become forum policy that only positive comments about a persons physical looks are allowed? And even that is subject to restrictions?

Example: I commented on an adult royal that she to me looked like she had gained a couple of kilos and that it looked good.
I meant it!
She has gained a couple of kilos and it does look good!

I can to some extent understand, accept and indeed agree on we having to be careful when mentioning the weight when it applies to children and teenage royals. But adults?!?

What's next?
Can we comment on their hair, without risking having our posts edited by the mods?
Their skin?
Their hands?
Their feet?
Especially if the comments are in no way meant to be negative.

If not, that is IMO over-zealous moderating and it stifles any meaningful discussions we have here on TRF, for better or worse.
It does become a problem if we cannot freely, in a polite, civilized and respectful manner naturally, also discuss the physical looks of the royals.

Example: A royal gains 15 kilos over a relatively short period. According to the current interpretations of the forum rules, all comments regarding this sudden increase in weight will be deleted.
Alternatively another royal lose 15 kilos.
- If there are no comments, does that mean that everything is fine as far as the TRF goes? No discussion = no issue.

I must urge the admin and mods to be very careful about being over-considerate in regards to the royals.
Because it's a slippery slope. Gradually there will be more and more things we can't discuss out of consideration of the royals.
And if that happens this forum will lose credibility, not just in the eyes of the casual reader who drops by to get information, but for the members as well.

Currently the TRF is the best all round royal forum there is, to my knowledge, please don't ruin it by becoming over-considerate/politically correct.
I don’t think this is a new rule. As far as I remember when I joined there were two topics that were off limits – pregnancy speculation and weight loss or gain.
Muhler perhaps you haven’t been active in fashion threads? It's particularly common in them and the mods are very strict about it. Unfortunately, there have been some appalling comments made before deletion.
TRF rules and FAQ have not changed for several years. Neither are we aware that mod. Policy and interpertation of our rules and FAQ have changed.

Weight-discussions have been discouraged for more than a decade and we always expect our members to show restraint when discussing children. If I am correct the recent example was about weight in combination with minors.

Further questions about the matter can be adressed in detail to the mod. team by PM & will be deleted from this thread.
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