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No, you haven't posted there since 19th November. :)

No, you haven't posted there since 19th November. :)

Thanks Jack! Posted there today. :)
If anyone receives a PM from me today, can you ( the person who gets the PM) let me know?
@ Jack- Or any mod that can help me now! Have I posted anything since 12:00, particularly in the Prince William in Centerpoint thread? I had 4 thoughts- I wanted to reply in a message to Daria. I thought of 3 and couldn't remember the fourth one. I'm worried that the fourth thought may have been something private between us- that she wouldn't want the world to know. If I have posted anything in that thread today before now, please delete it! I'm gonna go post in that thread now BTW!
Hi Roseroyal - you have made just three posts today as follows:

1) the one above

2) a post about half an hour ago in the Duke of Cambridge Centrepoint thread responding to Daria_S - it doesn't appear to contain anything private, although it is a conversation you may find easier to do by PM

3) a post in the Best Outfit 16-22 November thread.

Other than that, you haven't posted anything else today.
But nothing in the Duke of Cambridge Centerpoint thread before the one made half a hour ago? Nothing between 12: 00 and 12: 46. 12:00 was best outfit- 12: 46 was my help post- so if I made the post I was worried about- it would have been between those 2 times. And BTW, 12: 56 is just a little more than 1/2 an hour.
All seems well. And I am 99% sure I did not post anything private. When I realized that I couldn't remember what I was typing in the reply box- I deleted it- and came and made my 12: 46 post. I then remembered what I wanted to say, ( nothing private) and went and made my 12: 56 post. It just upsets me that it could have been out there for the world to see- for even just a short period of time even though it was not...
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But nothing in the Duke of Cambridge Centerpoint thread before the one made half a hour ago?

No, nothing else today. Your previous post in that thread was yesterday so I think all is well!
OK. Would you be able to tell if I had made a post there, and then deleted it? And of course if I had made 2 posts there today, and they were both still there- we would both be able to tell...
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Yes, the mods. can still see a post that is deleted and retrieve the information if needed.
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Thank you! I know I did not delete anything- and no information is needed! All good!
Another thing you can do easily is at the top of the screen where you get a menu to click on such as User CP, FAQ, Community etc. is to select the Search option and in the pull down menu, there is a option to click to see all the post you have made.

Easy way to see where and when you have posted something.
These full page ads kept popping up when I would go on certain threads- and I do have pop up block. So annoying! How does one check for a virus on an IPad air?
Just double checking- as I'm tired after a long day.
The ways of communicating on TRF are
Profile comments
Private messages
Social Groups
As long as I check these areas to make sure nothing got posted, that I didn't want to be, and nothing did- all good right?
Any way a mod can check these and tell me we are all good?
Yes these are the only ways of communicating here AFAIK.

The moderators and administrators can only see an overview of all your posts (also the deleted ones). We can see profile comments in the same way that you see them: by checking profiles. We can read messages in social groups but we do not have an overview of all posts by one poster in all social groups, so we have the same options as you do yourself.

We are unable to check anybody's private messages, the whole point of these is that they are private. So the only ones who can check those are you and the recipiants of your messages.

I hope that helps.
I am hoping that there is someone out there that when I placed a post in Royals with People and Children at 1:51 this afternoon went and read it immediately, and can tell me what it said - via PM please- before I started editing it a few seconds to a few minutes later?
I have a question.
I suddenly get notification on my mobile phone when there are posts on the forums I have subscribed to. I have looked in the Control Centre, but I can't find the place to turn it of again.
If you're on your phone; got to settings and then select the push notifications. This section allows you to edit what notifications you get.

Same should apply on the web page, but may be a little harder to find :)
Got it, thanks!
Has the problem of missing icons, avatars been solved?

The avatars of some people are still missing when reading posts.

Some are still visible in their stats.
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Has the problem of missing icons, avatars been solved?

The avatars of some people are still missing when reading posts.

Some are still visible in their stats.

I'm glad you asked this question. I've also noticed the missing avatars.

The tech team are looking into the matter - we thought it had been resolved, but alas...
The avatars problem haven't been solved yet. Some are still missing, including mine.
Ah! I thought it was my internet connection that wasn't good, but it's conforting to see that's not my problem... I still can't see the majority of avatars...
The tech team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. It seems to be a bit tricky though.
:previous: Thank you for notifying us, Tilia. :flowers:
I've been having the same problems on my desktop and phone. Today was the first time the avatars haven't been showing up on my desktop (I can just see a few avatars so far, including mine), though they've been missing on my phone for a long time.
I am a little concerned that my avatar changed earlier WITHOUT my having changing it.

The avatar I recently chose was of a christmas tree outside the Palace in Brussels. On logging in just now, I noticed the picture had changed to a boat, a photo I took years ago and somewhere in my albums.
Your avatar is gone completely Jack :previous:
Yes - you may have noticed that many avatars were missing... This was caused by a recent software update and so we took the unusual action of restoring all avatars to the last known version (from about 10 days ago). There were hundreds of them not displaying and this was the only option. You should be able to reload now and have it 'stick'
Thanks Janet - gosh I thought I had been hacked!
I'm the type of person who always expects the worst.
So I've been wondering:

Where do we poor members go to get info, if the TRF for whatever reason goes down for several days, all of a sudden?
It happened to another forum I'm aware of and we unfortunate members felt orphaned, until some of us got together in a secondary forum. :sad:

So, are there plans to e-mail all the members from an outside server?

Are there other fora where we can go to get info?

Is there a reserve forum somewhere, where we can go?
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