Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's First Pregnancy

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Do you think Mary will have a girl or a boy?

  • A girl

    Votes: 131 59.0%
  • A boy

    Votes: 91 41.0%

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What'S Mary preference? Anyone Knows? I think it's a girl...a grandaughter for the Queen... The girl of Crown Prince eyes....
Little Princess

:) I think a baby girl for Mary

Name is :

Margrethe - Elisabeth - Mary - Victoria - Alexandra
Some australian magazines says that mary's is expecting a girl.
I think it's going to be a girl. Something about Frederik just says ''father of girls'' to me. Don't ask me why.:p
I have a feeling it will be a boy. I know I'm in the minority, but I tend to think that the recent string of female births in the royal houses will be broken in future months.
i think it will be a girl and i guess the sex of both princess diana's children and fergie's children so i feel safe in saying she will have a girl.
semisquare said:
i think it will be a girl and i guess the sex of both princess diana's children and fergie's children so i feel safe in saying she will have a girl.

yeah that true!

when Fergie carry first girls they she carry her second daughter but she loves the girls! but she wishes for boys!

Princess Diana carry boy in 1982 they she carry second boy but Prince Charles really bad for girls but Princess Diana and Prince Charles loves to raise boys.

but they now! Maxima have another girls! thankness godness but she would love to raise 2 girls!

Sara Boyce
I think it'll be a girl :)
Me too...I think that Mary is expecting a daughter.
I think that it should not make a difference what Mary has - as long as the baby (boy or girl) is healthy and well. Have you ever thought that she could be having twins?
Boy: Christian John Andre Frederick

Girl: Amelia Henrietta Margrethe Ingrid
For Crown Prince Frederick & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark I thought maybe:
Girl: Ingrid Elizabeth/Elisabeth Henrietta Renée
Boy: Christian Henrik Joachim John André
Girl: Charlotte Margrethe Henrietta Ingrid.

Boy: Christian John Henrik Frederik.
Girl: Margrethe Etta Benedikte Mary

Boy: Joachim Christian Andre´ Frederik
Boy : Christian Henrik Frederik John Arthur
Baby Names

A few suggestions (I've been on the baby name websites)

Boy: Hugo, Adam, Joseph, Christopher (maybe a change from Christian although I do like this name), Henrik

Girl: Alice, Astrid, Mathilde, Helena, Desiree, Caroline, Christina, Sophie, Charlotte
Girl: Elisabeth Ingrid Henrietta Alice Reneè
Boy: John-Henrik Christian Andrè
HMQueenElizabethII said:
I also think that Princess Mary and Prince Frederik are expecting a baby girl.

Ditto. So far one can guess, by the way she is carrying, they should be expecting a girl.
My gut feeling is telling me it is a girl. I have a 50/50 chance of being right!:p :p
I think it'll be a boy. I don't think Mary cares much though, as long as it's healthy.
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