Floral and Wreath Tiaras

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The Spanish Floral Tiara is my favourite with the Hanover Floral piece being my least favourite.
Chaumet Pansy Flower Tiara
The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The Chaumet Pansy Tiara[/url]

I just got a warning the above link could be compromised. Even if the site is reputable, something could have attached itself to the link. Please be careful if using it.
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Princess Mary of York wearing her mother's Laurel Leaf Bandeau

As the photo was taken in 1935 she was The Princess Mary, The Princess Royal. She stopped being princess Mary of York in 1901 when her father became prince of Wales. At the time of the photo her father had been king for 25 years. She was made princess royal in 1932 a year after Louise died.

Calling her Mary of York would be like posting a picture of Anne and calling her Princess Anne of Edinburgh.
I wonder if its still with the House of Savoy or sold off?
Absolutely true. It is sad when a tiara has to be sold. The reason may be due to financial difficulties.

Too often the case especially in the former reigning houses and Princely families.
I'm not a fan of Gold Tiaras and they always remind me of Wonder Woman!
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