Finally Gave In And Joined!

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May 8, 2012
United Kingdom
Hey guys!

I've been following the Forums for a while now, so I decided to finally join you all!

A little info about myself:

I'm a British teenager.
My interests include writing, crime dramas, anime, languages, flags and, of course, royals!
My personal favourite set of royals is the Danish family - I also greatly admire Queen Rania of Jordan.
I'm also very interested in titles and styles. And tiaras!

As for what you can call me: you can call me by my full username, or just 'X' - 'Oi, strange girl in the corner' will work too!

Anyway, I look forward to posting with you guys in the future; I can't wait to find out the name of the new Danish Princess! [I'm hoping for Dagmar :)]
Welcome, X! :flowers:
We all decided to give up lurking at some point and become full members.
Thank you!

Ha ha, I love that word - Lurking.

Devious yet silly!
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Hi, X, and welcome to the forums. Resistance is futile when you lurk; you eventually succumb and have to join in! And I gather you're also an X-Files fan from your user name; good choice! Enjoy your time here.
Welcome to TRF X. I look forward to your input on the forums.
:welcome: enjoy your time here :flowers:
:welcome: Enjoy your time on the forums.
Well Hello :wave: from another newbie!

I've just come out of lurkdom. However, I'm a bit shy and I don't want an entire introductory thread to myself, so I'm just replying to your thread. Stealth mode, as it were. ;)
Always glad to see reformed lurkers.
Welcome, CanRoyal! :flowers:
Welcome, CanRoyal; thought you'd slip between the cracks! Enjoy your time here as well.
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